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Warning: Story contains minor violence and suicidal thoughts/actions, as well as some language. Reader discretion is advised


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Disease: TaeHyung Suicide: YoonGi Age: Jin Murder: Hobi Natural Causes: Jimin Natural Disaster: JungKook Death: NamJoon
Pure chaos, that's what he had created. A swarm of bodies, frantic to get away, to get out and somewhere safe. A death song that stole the souls and brought out the evil. People were trembling others trying to reach the doors, shoving and pushing to escape. There was no escape. There was no exit. Everyone was going to die in that room and you could only stand by. Holding onto dear life, clinging to a reaper and he clinging to you. People shoved at you, trying to go around but your reaper was rooted to his spot. Staring at the cause of the panic and ignoring the those so desperate to get away. Your eyes were closed so tightly and your knuckles were white, the fabric of his shirt may have ripped from your grip. You were trying to block out the screams, the agony of those dying. Bodies were slamming into the doors but they wouldn't open, locked up tight. Bodies slammed into the floor, blood soaking into the soles of your shoes. YoonGi tried calming you, rubbing at your back and holding your head pressed to his chest. He wasn't going to let you see the death surrounding you. He whispered to just hold on, hold to him tightly, tonight wasn't your night. Hobi never stopped his song. It was like sirens call, drawing all the souls to him. He was pulling their tags in the cruelest way. Hobi was murder, he had called them here. He was killing everyone in the club. You cried, tears forcing their way out and saoking the shirt you clung to. Why did you have to come here? Why tonight did you have to try and drown your sorrows? Why did they choose tonight to take the lives of everyone here? You heard the crushing sound of bullets hitting flesh, hitting bones. A body lay at your feet, their hand teaching out to you, begging you to save them but they hesitated. Their eyes glued to the figure you so desperately wished would take you from here. They saw him, they could see the reaper. Death took them, a bullet connecting with their head. You screamed, having witnessed the light leave them. Hobi's song ended, a new voice coming through the speakers. The gunman, his voice was manic. He was crazy and laughed as such. He was thanking everyone for being there tonight, for making his night enjoyable. Your stomach knotted. Hands covered your ears and YoonGi pulled away from you. It was Hobi who pressed to your back, moving a hand to whisper in your ear. "Close your ears. It's YoonGi's song."
seriously omg amazing and more chaos is about to happen. I feeling it in my bones
OMG this is getting even more intense!
no end
always continue please
tag me when there is a new part please
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