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Hello my Z Warriors!

Time for another Dragon Ball Community Challenge! This week is all about the villains.

Dragon Ball has some of the most powerful and ruthless villains. They make the show what it is as they give Goku and his friends a challenge and help push their powers past their limits. Dragon Ball villains are cunning and powerful and maybe a little arrogant. From the brutal general of the Red Ribbon Army to the Demon King Piccolo. From Vegeta and the Saiyans all the way to Majin Buu, Even Beerus the God of Destruction has tested the might of the Z warriors.
So today's challenge is about what villain you love to hate. Who's your favorite Dragon Ball villain?
Let's not limit this to just the series or only cannon; we're including all villains. From Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super and even Dragon Ball GT. All of the movies and specials and including all heroes who were once villains such as Vegeta and Piccolo.

So go crazy my Z Warriors make a card with one or many villains since there is so many great ones to choose.

Let me share with you my favorite Dragon Ball Villain!

Perfect Cell!

Cell is an android from the future created by Dr. Gero to kill Son Goku. In a third timeline in universe 6, Cell killed Trunks and took his time machine to go back and absorb android 17 and 18 to achieve his perfect form. Even though he was created to kill Goku, Cell's main mission was to achieve perfection. Cell went through great lengths to gain his perfect form taking on all of the Z warriors and killing all those who stood in his way.
Perfect Cell is cunning, he's a little arrogant thinking that no one can beat him but his arrogant's is justified as he beat some of the strongest warriors. Cell took on Vegeta as a ascended Super Saiyan and didn't even flinch. Cell even made Trunks surrender even though Trunks' power was known to be higher than Vegeta. In a battle against Goku, Perfect Cell went fist to fist and Kamehameha to Kamehameha. Cell was the biggest threat the earth has ever known he would have easily have destroyed it if his arrogant's didn't get the best of him. Cell never thought that Gohan's potential to become stronger than his dad would come back to haunt him and perhaps pushed Gohan to far.

Cell met his demise at the hands of Gohan after letting Gohan transform into a super saiyan 2 but there was no doubt that Cell was a fierce enemy and a villain to be reckoned with!

So my Z warriors who's your favorite Dragon Ball Villain?

Make your own card and tell us who and why! don't forget to tag me in it!

Thanks for reading everyone and don't forget to rock the dragon, Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha!

Cell was so epic probably my fav villian bc of his coming to be and how the androids were a part of his integration to his perfect for and his crazy ability hence his name cell not only in the ability to regenerate off of his cell tissues being down to mearly none almost as well as how the androids were a part of his cell integration into his structure!! Awesome card NAKAMA!! Keep em up n keep tagging me NAKAMA!!
I tried to write kid buu but auto correct put but 馃槀 kid but 馃槀馃槀
Broly or Frieza
vegeta, beerus, whis, broly, and 18
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