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Original art below! Read to learn more below as well!
Fan made manga art~ I do not own it nor can I find the English version of it but the top picture ~ credits to the artist Also the creator of the Naruto/Boruto manga does not make this but watches over this fan manga! If you find more info please let me know on the comments!!
hashirama was married to mito uzumaki. tobirama is never mention. hirusen (lord 3rd) was married and I believe it was his wife that helped deliver naruto and ultimately was killed by obito when he attacked. so out of the 7 tobirama Kakashi and tsunade don't/didn't have spouses. tsunade did have a lover though at one point.
@LuffyNewman yes true lol it would've been interesting to see who she would've picked
@Leolaring yeah that's true there unless Obito was also alive as well n somehow got in the way.
@LuffyNewman yup! And kakashi would've had rin if certain events did not occur! *tears*
@Leolaring yeah she was in the sealing chamber while he was delivered! I just didn't mention about third. And second we have no history on. 5th woulda been Dan or Jiraiya if it wasn't for their search so basically kakashi is left out haha.
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