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Like can any of yall name one? And just to make it harder it can't be any earlier than the 1980s
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Fan service is a service to the fans so anything that does not relate to the plot or is unnecessary is technically fan service so by that rule I'm pretty sure every anime has fan service That i includes fillers @nobankai @Priscillasdoor @assasingod @AdamDean @Majestical
@Animefreak484 if we don't like fillers it doesn't count as service. Service is unnecessary pandering, adding runtime when WE JUST WANT TO SEE MADARA ANIMATED IS NOT SERVICE... sorry... still salty about that...
@AdamDean its still technically still fan service
@Animefreak484 not really. Filler is either done to give the manga time to develop, so its done out of necessity, or its done to make more money, so its done out of greed. Neither of these are done to appeal to fans.
@AdamDean they usually are comedic which is a form of fan service or have nothing towards the plot so it is still considered fan service no matter the creators motive