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Like can any of yall name one? And just to make it harder it can't be any earlier than the 1980s
Fan service is a service to the fans so anything that does not relate to the plot or is unnecessary is technically fan service so by that rule I'm pretty sure every anime has fan service That i includes fillers @nobankai @Priscillasdoor @assasingod @AdamDean @Majestical
@Priscillasdoor Yeah, but that's how it's taken, the internet won't shut up about how funny Levi is... and he's not. Same with Jean. The internet has turned the entire thing into a joke. All I'm gonna say about Death Note Misa: I could never live in the world without Light. L: Yes that would be dark. @Priscillasdoor
@nobankai true... but I think it served two purposes... even Meryl was a bit flustered.
My Little Monster... it has sexual tension, but it's part of the story dynamic so its not fanservice... and there isn't any like physical fanservice though...
@nobankai barring Vash when he takes off his shirt
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