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Being pregnant. I'm scared. What if Jimin leaves me. I began crying in my dark room. Holding a pillow to cover my face. I didn't notice that Jimin came home and saw me like that. "Hey are you alright? What's wrong baby?" he says as he pulls me into his arms. "it's nothing I'm fine. It's nothing to worry about yet." I said as I wipe my tears away. "Look if there's something you need to tell me I'm here to listen." "Jimin....there is something I need to tell you." "Please I'm here my love." Jimin says as he kisses my forehead. "i-i-im p-p-p-pregnant." I began saying as I bursted out in tears. Jimin didn't say anything he was in shock. "I-i-i don't know who the father is....idk if it's you or um...Eric..." Jimins eyes widened. "I-i-i need to go." Jimin bolted out of the room. I tried to reach out and grab him before he walked out of the door but he just pushed away my hand.
********9 months later********* April 16, 2016 I gave birth to an amazing healthy boy. His name is Alex. Ever since that night...9 months ago...Jimin hasn't come home. "Why?" I whispered to myself. I heard a knock on my door. "(Y/N) there's someone here to see you." "Yes let them in." The feeling of holding Alex was just an amazing memory. I heard the hospital door cracking open. I see Jimin walk in. It was just silence. His hands were in his pockets and his focus was on the floor. "Hey (y/n)....How you been?" he said with a shaky voice. "I don't know let me think about it. Oh yeah I gave birth to a child and you left me so how do you think I've been!" Rage was rising inside of me. "Look (y/n) I'm sorry I left I didn't know what to do. I was scared. I'm sorry. Please forgive me." he got down on his knees and held my hand. "Once I get out of here I set up an appointment for Alex to see who her father is. " He looked up at me not knowing what to say. "Ill tell you who the father is once it's done." "NO! I want to be there take me with you. I hate how I ran off that night. Its just the thought that Eric might be the father just huants me. Well tbh I don't know what I'll do if I'm not the father...."
***day of appointment*** They took blood samples from Alex. It took about 2 hours. We were in the waiting room. Alex in my arms and Jimin in the seat in front of me. His face burried into his hands. The doctor came out. " May I speak with (y/n) only." I nodded I grabbed my stuff and Alex in my other arm. The doctor made me follow him into his office and sat me down. "We got the lab results. Jimin isn't the father. The father is his brother Eric. I'm sorry." I can't breathe. It can't be. "Thank You for telling me." I bowed and walked out. As I walked out of the hospital Jimin followed behind. I didn't notice that I was walking not noticing where I was going. I walked for almost an hour now. I stopped as I got to a bridge. Such an amazing view. Jimin was standing inches from me. "So..What he say? Who's the father?" Tears started filling my eyes. "Its...Eric.... I'm sorry Jimin...Please don't leave me and Alex please I love you.." I bursted in tears holding Alex as I slowly became week in the knees and bent down on my knees and cried even more. Jimin walked toward me and Alex. He kisses my forehead and tilted my chin up to look at him. He kissed me. God I miss his kisses. Tears kept rolling down.He wiped them as they came down. He held Alex's hand and smiled with tears rolling down his cheeks. "I....Love...You..." Jimin says with a shaky voice and got up. I began crying. I can feel a sharp pain in my heart. I got up slowly and couldn't find where Jimin went. I looked around and I began panicking. "JIMIN NOOO!!!" I screamed as loud as I can. Jimin was about to jump off the bridge. He turned around and heard him whisper I Love You once more. i started running to see if i could catch him. I reached out and only got a small touch of his finger. "JIMINNN!!!" Tears were overwhelmimg me.I closed my eyes to not see him impact to the bottom of the bridge. I started crying out loud "JIMIN WHYYY I LOVE YOU DON'T LEAVE ME!!! I'M ALONE NOW WHY!! YOU KNOW I HATE BEING ALONE! I'M SCARED COMEBACK!!! PLEASE COME BACK..PLEASE....PLEASE..." I shut my eyes closed as hard as I can. I can feel myself being shaken by someone. I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a dark room. The dark room looked familiar though. I was covered in sweat. Someone pulled me into their arms. "Please (y/n) Its ok it was just a nightmare it's ok I got you I'm not gonna leave you." I recognize that voice. I looked up slowly and saw that it was Jimin. Tears ran down my cheek, they wouldn't stop. "DON'T LEAVE ME PLEASE DON'T LEAVE!!" I said as I pulled him into a tight hug. I burried my face into his chest. "(Y/N) don't worry" he says as he pets my head to calm me down, "It was just a dream I would never leave you, I Love You."
haha I threw my phone when I thought jimin committed suicide I started crying but I dove for my phone but hit the wall cuz I couldn't see clearly
haha yes I'm fine @sierrabecerra
are you ok XD I've done that a bunch of times don't worry XD @MariaMontoya1
Omg it was a nice! thank god I was about to die if he committed suicide