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this will be me and my friends first Kcon and we are so excited! I just want to see if any other Starlights were going since we are huge Vixx Stans (I'm half ARMY as well) we'd love to meet all of you since I do talk to lots of Starlights thanks to the fandom app. (if interested in the fandom app ask me please!) Starlights are family and it would be wonderful to have long lasting relationships thru vixx and Kcon.
this is my twitter please feel free to add me I love meeting and chatting with new Starlight Babies
this is my LINE ID as well..
this is my Kakao... I also have other accts like instagram and facebook.. if anyone is interested in those let me know!
thank you to all of you who read this and are going to add me. please let me know if you are going to add and what username you have
OK thanks! I'll accept 😄
I'm going to add you on Line:) My ID is ladygdragon