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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Length: 1731 words
Summary: Finally found a man I want. Until he turned out to be my student.
Part: 3/?
I was so confused by the conversation that had just taken place. Were they trying to tell me something? God knows.
I shook my head clear of those thoughts and proceeded to leave the classroom, the notes still in my hand. A shrill, high-pitched voice from a mile away made me grit my teeth. It was her. That girl Namjoon had been with.
Fuck’s sake, I thought he’d gone home.
I turned the corner to find her with none other than Namjoon himself. Their backs were turned. She was talking to a couple of girls, who I assumed to be her friends, and Yoongi and Jungkook were also stood there, listening to her intently.
I slowed down the pace of my walking, so I could hear what was so interesting for myself.
“....And did you see the way she latches onto Professor Jin. It’s funny cus he clearly doesn’t like her!”
Her and the girls laughed like she had just told the funniest joke on the planet. God, I’ve never wanted to punch someone more in my life.
Suddenly, Yoongi turned around from the huddled group, looking right at me. I blinked in surprise, and his face broke out into a silent smirk.
He really needs to stop looking at me like that.
Now that he had seen me, I had no intentions of staying there. I controlled my anger, and my shaking hands, and cleared my throat. All of them whipped their heads back, and the girls face dropped. I bit back a smile.
No matter how bitchy she was, she was still scared of me.
“Excuse me”, I muttered, not looking at any of them except Yoongi. None of them knew for sure if I had heard the girls words about me, except him. But he didn’t look fazed by it in the slightest.
The group parted to let me through- Namjoon and the three girls on one side, and the two boys on the other.
I made a point to stop in front of Jungkook, who had a poker face, but I could tell he was uncomfortable by the way his eyes kept flitting to the side.
I thrust the notes in his hand and spoke in a low voice, no longer unable to hide my anger. “I would be extremely grateful if you do not waste my time in the future.” He stood there wordlessly, as I turned on my heel and walked away, not even acknowledging Namjoon’s presence.
I walked away briskly, wanting to get away from all of them. I know, I was their teacher and I shouldn’t be behaving like this, but that stupid girl had hit a nerve.
I don’t LATCH onto Jin! What the hell, we barely even talk to each other in class!
I could hear Namjoon’s voice from down the corridor. “K Babe. See you later.” That pissed me off even more. What the hell was he doing with a girl like that?
The corridors were pretty much empty now, as the next classes had started. “Hey!” I heard a voice behind me. Oh no. Y/n don’t look back- ignore him. Walk faster.
“Hey!”, he shouted again, this time louder. I could hear the thud of his footsteps behind me. “Y/n!”
I felt a hand on my shoulder, trying to stop me from going further. I tried to shrug it off. I wasn’t in the mood to talk to him of all people.
“Don’t ignore me”, he ordered, overtaking me and standing in my way. “Excuse me, I have a lot to do.” I didn’t look at him as I spoke.
He grabbed my arm and pulled me into the empty classroom we were standing next to. He shut the door. “What the hell are you doing?”, I snapped, trying to get out. But he stayed in the way of the door.
“Language, Miss”, he mocked me, his face contorted into a sneer. The his expression softened. “What did they say to you?”
I knew instantly who ‘they’ were. Yoongi and Jungkook.
He gave a short laugh. “Don’t lie to me.”
“Student confidentiality.” I wasn’t going to give in. But I also wanted to get away from him.
“Namjoon this is a university”, I spoke to him like he was slow. “There are cameras everywhere. Someone will have just seen you, a student, dragging me into a god damn classroom.”
“Then tell me what they said and you can go.”
“I’m not negotiating with you”, I replied coldly. “You’re opening that door right now, or-”
“Or what?” He growled, taking me aback.
God, why the hell does he look so good? No! Stop it y/n! Have some morals you idiot.
I remembered the boys’ words in my head clearly. Jungkook’s knowing tone stating “I saw the way you looked at that girl.You were jealous.”
“He came in yesterday. Late. Drunk. And with the girl who lives next door to us. God knows how he even made it in.”
I internally shuddered at the thought of Namjoon and that girl together.
Lost in my thoughts, I hadn’t even noticed Namjoon and made his way to me. I jumped back when I saw how close he was to me.
“You said you were a taken man. So go spend time with her rather than harassing me.” I muttered. My cheeks were on fire from his intense gaze.
“Are you jealous?” He was smirking. Why the hell do people keep asking that?!
“No Namjoo-”
“Liar. I saw the way you were looking at her.”
“Excuse me? I would prefer you to not hurl accusations at me. I am not jealous.” Being formal around him was exhausting. Especially when we had...slept together. He knew a side to me no one else did. But I wanted to stay professional.
He grabbed my cardigan and pulled at it, exposing my collarbone and shoulders. The lust in his eyes made me shiver. “Still there”, he murmured softly. He was talking about the marks he had left behind. His marks.
I tried to pull away but he only held me closer. “Why are you running y/n? I know you want this. I know you want me.”
I couldn’t dispute that fact, but clearly I was the only one thinking rationally here.
His face was inches away from mine. “Namjoon”, I breathed. That familiar coil was back in my stomach, tightening more and more as he stared at me. “Please. We can’t.”
“Give me three reasons why.” He had leant in and whispered this little challenge into my ear. I audibly gasped when his lips softly grazed my skin.
“Number One, I am your teacher. For God’s sake, that on it’s own is a big enough reason to-”
“Two more”, he cut me off. His hands had travelled down to my hips and were resting there. When he spoke, his grip tightened.
“N-number Two.” I didn’t ever stutter, but this boy was making me feel things I’d never felt before. “You are with someone else.” Just saying that out loud felt gross- that girl really was undeserving of someone like Namjoon.
He didn’t say anything so I continued. “Number Three...” Hmm...What else is there?
“I-i’m with someone else!” I blurted out. You fucking idiot y/n.
“What?” His eyes darkened. “You’re lying!” His grip on me was starting to hurt.
I put my hands on his chest and pushed, but he didn’t move. “What, so you can have a girlfriend, but I can’t be seeing anyone?”
That sounded childish, but I didn’t care.
“I don’t have a fucking girlfriend”, he growled. I met his eyes. He was angry.
“Don’t lie to me”, I replied curtly, still pushing him.
“She was a one time thing, fuck’s sake. Because I was smashed. And annoyed.” He pulled me in even more, my breathing now laboured. My chest was pressed into him, and I was sure he could feel my heart pounding.
“I moaned your name while fucking her y/n.” I gasped. “N-namjoon.”
“She was even more pissed so she didn’t realise. But I remembered. I remembered how you made me feel, even when I was fucking someone else.”
There was silence. I had stopped struggling, and he had loosened his grip on me slightly.
“It’s Jin isn’t it?” I shook my head silently. He was confused by my lack of speech, so he pulled me away to see my face. I was crying.
“Why the fuck does it have to be like this”, I gasped, as the tears fell freely. Life sucked. I was in love. With someone who I wasn’t allowed to be with. Fuck’s sake.
“Y/n please. We’ll figure something out”, he warmly tried to assure me.
He didn’t understand. It was the second godamn day of the school year, and I couldn’t even look the whole of the back row in the eye. They all knew what I’d done. And it was only a matter of time before word got out.
“I-i need to go”, I muttered, drying my eyes with the sleeve of the cardigan.
But of course Namjoon didn’t let go. “You were lying before, weren’t you? You’re not with anyone.”
He made it sound more like a statement than a question. “What do you think Namjoon?”, I smiled at him. It was a pained smile, filled with sorrow and anguish. “Why the fuck would anyone be with me?”
“Because you’re beautiful”, I was about to scoff but he was kissing me. And I was kissing back. I let out a low moan at the sensation. I had missed this feeling.
He pulled back, grazing my bottom lip, which was in between his teeth. Just as quick as the first time, he dove back in. I wanted more, needed more. I was grabbing anything I could reach. Shoulders, back, neck. Anything to pull him closer.
All of a sudden, the door swung open, causing me and Namjoon to jump away from each other. My heart dropped at the sight.
“Hey. We were just discussin-” I started, trying to keep it casual, but I got cut off.
“Save it y/n”, Jin said, holding up a hand. “I heard everything.” He looked disappointed, angry, even a little upset.
“Jin, it’s not what you th-”
“Shut up.” I froze. Jin never ever spoke like that to me.
Great y/n. You managed to fuck up everything. And it’s only Day 2.
I'll tag you all in future chapters!^^Please comment if you do not want to be tagged :)
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