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Guardian Angel

He was the kind of guy who would promise you the most beautiful things The kind of things that you would want and need to make sure that after today he would still be there for you With your flaws and imperfections because you don't simply accept them But he does and that's what matters - He was the kind of guy who would call you his baby girl and always be there for you He was the kind of guy you would have playful fights with He was the kind of guy that would never let you go And fight for your hopes and dreams because you thought that you could not achieve them So he took you by the hand and lead you through the dark Because you couldn't simply do it on your own - I called him my guardian angel He called me a beautiful dream Because we both were gifts from God Meant to be sent for one another To guide us home - But when he was sent up back to heaven I got confused and betrayed From God And I didn't know what to do So I stand here with shame and guilt Not knowing how to handle things Without my guardian angel Because he was taken away from me - He was a blessing He was my hopes and dreams Now they're thrown into the ashes So should I go with them? Do I belong with them? - I am not broken I am bent I can't forgive What happened But I know That he is okay now I know he is taken care of - Rest in Peace baby boy I love you
Sorry for your loss but I'm glad the last two stanzas are full of hope!
wow beautiful... sorry for your loss
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