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sooooo I have Statistics from 9am-12:00pm every Saturday. literally 3hrs of kill-me-now math. 馃槾 but, my professor is kind of cool. it's just statistics hurts my brain. 馃様 so when he's talking about z-scores and t-scores and permutations and distributions and the 50million different equations you use to find one thing I'm just like..
so he goes on to explain further (without complaining because he's that nice) 鈽猴笍 but I feel like that just makes it worse so I give up
and pray to kami-sama that I pass the next test 馃槄 moral of the story: marry an anime character so that you wake up to this every Saturday morning 馃憞
@OtakuDemon10 I've never had the class so I wouldn't know lol
it really sucks @Itlulia I'm actually jealous of you lml
@Itlulia I love math, but statistics stuck
Lol I love math so I'm actually jealous of you right now
ugh hate statistics! Good luck to you!