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Peter passed throughout all quarters. It is a great thing to be an encourager of others. Peter went about helping the new believers. There are always young Christians without experience who need just such aid. A brave word from one who is older gives them courage to go on. Peter “found” Aeneas. That means that he heard of his pitiful condition and sought him out. We should not wait till people ask for comfort and help. Peter kept himself in the background and said to the man, “Jesus Christ heals you.” If we were to do all our Christian work in this way it would have far more power. Dorcas had won a place in people’s hearts by her kindness. She was “full of good works and alms–deeds which she did,” She did not merely mean to do them – she “did” them. In restoring her, Peter first bade her arise, and then gave her his hand to help her rise. This is important in all our helping of others. We must give our hand as well as speak the word of power.