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so I did the no bra for 1 week and for me it was fine I could do it again
my friend says she might do it again but maybe not
plus I feel comfortable without and with one on
lol message me if you want
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@KeziahWright That's what my younger sister tells me 馃槀 @MrsBangYongguk That's my reason for wearing a bra most of time. Its obvious when I don't wear one 馃榿
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@MelissaGarza ahahahaaahhaahahah xD my boyfriend doesnt understand when we go somewhere in public. He is like why are you putting on a bra. Im just like for real lol
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@MrsBangYongguk right but i laughed when she told me that cause i except the complement. guess i got some good boobsets i just need to lose weight and lift ASSets and imma be Fly~
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@KeziahWright hahaha girl im sure you look fine
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@MrsBangYongguk im over weight but thank you馃槀馃槀馃槀
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