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Weddings, they are romantic, lavish, once in a life time (or twice) and as it turns out, totally wasteful. Because as we're getting totally smashed at the open bar, we are completely forgetting about all the food, half finished drinks, cake, and decorations that will end up in the trash the second we all get bused to some hotel to sleep it off. Thankfully an ex-wedding planner who had to deal with all that trash decided to actually do something useful with it. And out of that idea came this wonderful charity! So now, after any lavish event, you can actually donate the flowers that would normally be thrown out to hospitals, and senior living centers! Check out the video below!
Honestly I can't think of anything more beautiful AND more logical. Plus look at how happy the people were to receive some flowers. It really can be one of the best ways to start off your marriage; bringing other people joy! I wonder what else can be repurposed from waste to gifts that we haven't even thought about!
Two of my friends are getting married in October, I will definitely be passing this on to them! Thank you!
This is an amazing idea!