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[Tag: @Invinsybll] Hey Nakama! Time for a story!! Well, it started by one of my friends telling me about the app (he found it on Facebook). He told me that he had a Vingle and that he follows the learn Japanese with anime collection And he told me about it and I was like oh okay cool So I found the collection and I thought it was pretty cool! But I'm already learning Japanese in school XD Plus, when I first started Vingle, they were so nice to me so I thought "hmm, it's like a nicer, red version of Tumblr lol" so I decided I would post something So I posted these edits↓
And I actually got some likes and views and I was like "wow, they like it, should I post more?" And yes I diddly done did! And people were liking them ^-^ I felt happy lol And the first Vingler I ever really commented back to was @Invinsybll lol they were so nice so I just kept it going and then I found Anime Week and now Nakama Campfire I've only been on Vingle for about 8 months lol and I feel so welcome ^-^ Thanks yo! Yes this was sappy, I'm not like this irl trust me lmao Okie baiiii♥