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thank you @amobigbang for tagging me! warning rated +19 for mature.
this young man and I were dancing to Body Language by San E and Bumkey. things got heated and he start to grinding on me as he was feeling to music. *he is a baby.* my inner thoughts keep telling me as I write this. *I'm so going to hell*
the night was the night that. Namjoon and I would move onto the next step of our relationship. I was so nervous that he thought playing music would calm me down and same with him. he was as nervous as I was. the sommbg I remember for our first time we made love was Ace by Taemin.
Taehyung and I were watching a movie. it was a movie that was not meant for little ones. Last time we were alone was in BTS van and we're were caught by the members. Now they tease me all the time and I blushed everyone they bring it up. When an awkward part in the movie came up I looked away. I looked at Taehyung who was looking and me. he leaned in and kissed me. things started to get heated and I don't how but Let's Make Love by Sweet Sorrow started to play. then one thing lead to another without interruptions for the members.
Yoongi stood in front of me to where my back was against the wall. He called me to come to his studio to listen to a song he was working on. However that was not what he had planned. The song Wet by Jooyoung was playing and I felt warm down belong and somehow he knew as he placed his right hand down there as he kissed my neck. He satires playing with me and u was doing my best not to moan. He kissed me and then whispered "I want you to moan my name. moan loud enough for everyone to hear on how good it am as your lover." With him saying that made me feel warmer and wetter. I moaned his name as I came. I was loud to where the tree younger ones came in. they saw something and walked away embarrassed on what they saw. *I regret nothing and can't belive I just wrote that*
*You know I love you right?" Jimin said to me as we layed in the bed. it was our first time and he was being gentle and so sweet. it was our two year anniversary of dating and he gave me a gift of my favorite songs along with his. he had it play while we were making love for the first time. Taeyangs Love You to Death was playing and I lived this song so much that it showed me how much he loved me as much as I loved him. "yes and I love you too."I told him. he kissed me and even though with it being the first I cried and thought that he did song thing wrong. it told him he didn't and that I loved him so much that the night was prefect.
ok so one I regret nothing however I am going to hell with what I wrote.