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It's safe to say these past days off has given me so much time to watch and binge plenty of new anime, prob 100 episode + in just a couple/few days!! Ahh I'm a sucker for anime binges haha!! Started this binge after I just finished my last binge of Noein!! Already stoked for this anime and it's looking fun and entertaining with its futuristic weaponry as well the usual hot babes and Pervy guys but not overboard just enough to make it funny and interesting. I'm about 1/3 of the way done but i already enjoy this anime very much!! The fact of two lower ranked soldiers going out on an almost suicide mission to fight the heavy objects aka super military weapons and actually defeating it on their first try due to smarts, skill and the usual luck and intelligence!! Ok no more possible spoiling❗️❗️❌ Rating: 7.41 on IMAL2 My rating: Still to be determined but I'm sure it'll be an 8 or 8.5 if it keeps up or gets better with the intensity and drama and military/politics mash up interference and such!! But who knows!! Haha Synopsis- In the distant future, the nature of war has changed. "Objects"massive, spherical tanks impermeable to standard weaponry and armed with destructive firepowerrule the battlefield; their very deployment ensures victory, rendering traditional armies useless. However, this new method of warfare is about to be turned on its head. Qwenthur Barbotage, a student studying object design, and Havia Winchell, a radar analyst of noble birth, serve in the Legitimate Kingdoms 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion, tasked with supporting the Baby Magnum, one of the nations objects. Unfortunately, a battle gone awry places the duo in a precarious situation: mere infantry stand face-to-face against the unfathomable might of an enemy object. As they scramble to save themselves and their fellow soldiers, a glimmer of hope shines through, and the worlds perception of objects is changed forever. Heavy Object follows these two soldiers alongside Milinda Brantini, the Baby Magnums pilot, and their commanding officer Frolaytia Capistrano as the unit treks all over the globe to fight battle after battle. Facing one impossible situation after another, they must summon all their wit and courage to overcome the insurmountable foes that are objects. Source- [Written by MAL Rewrite] Def add it to the list NAKAMA I stumbled upon it on!! Thank god for this sight its gotta be the best one ever, atleast my #1 personal fav!! Anyways give it a watch n see what you rating is!! Anime is Life!!