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This is so Heart breaking but, Fairy Tail has ended. I didn't cry because it's going to be back and it's going to be better than ever. Hiro Mashima ended the Anime because it's catching up to the manga really quick. But, Mashima said that he is working on a big project. Fairy Tail might come back after a year or two, it depends on how long the project will take. This project better be good because we can't be waiting for a year or 2 for nothing. But, let's just hope it'll be back better than ever!
fairy tail will be coming back some time in 2017
I know this suck hope the new movie is going to make this wait worth this wait
It will be back. they just decided no more fillers, which is a better decision in my opinion.
AWWW!!! I hope it does come back. fairy tail was my happy place! :( if I ever needed a pick me up I'd watch fairy tail.
Just to let you know that Fairy Tail don't get filler at all...
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