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Perfect Cell! Not imperfect cell or semi perfect cell but Perfect Cell! I like his intelligence behind his strength! His song that he sing in DBZ Abridged has me laughing everytime! @sontyler got this one spot on!
My #1 favorite Villians in DBZ is Kid Buu! He is the only Villian to not talk about destroying the world for 12 episodes and doesn't even do it. Shoot right when he transformed back into his original Kid Buu form he was like fuck this place ima blow it up....AND HE DID!!! No hesitation or anything just BOOM!! everything's gone!
Who's your favorite Villian from the DragonBall Franchise!?!?
Way to put up the Team Four Star Cell as well I love this song
Great card mate. I love Cell and Kid Buu. I love that kid Buu just destroyed the earth without a second thought. He's so ruthless and brutal and I love is kid like attitude.
@SonTyler even though they take like 3 months in between each episode, I don't mind cause they kill me laughing!
@assasingod yeah it's always exciting when a new episode comes out
@SonTyler I can't wait for the next episode of dbz abridged to come out! I was dying when kid buu was dancing at vegeta!!