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chapter 7 : Step 5


I felt bad. I really did, I wasn't trying to be a jerk but I don't know. When it comes to her I just can't be nice. She's so cruel to everyone and it's hard enough pretending. Honestly I kinda wanna ask her for more money, at this rate I'll never get that bonus though. I think tonight I'll kiss her, I'll be all romantic and she'll have to pay me extra for that...right? But yet again shedid say we were only boyfriend and girlfriend at school...hmm, maybe I'll convince her that going out with her friends makes it more believable? I already told Sungmin I'd go though, there's no taking that back. I got ready, wondering if I should take extra clothes. Eh, I'll take my backpack. Just in case.
Jin: Where are you going? Haha.
"On a date with Marie and her friends" I said.
Jin: Why are you taking your backpack?
"The date is in Italy. I'm gonna go wait for Sebastian outside." I said.
Jin: Italy?! No way! That's awesome. Take lots of pictures okay? Ah~ Rome. The city of romance and you'll be there with Marie (;
"This is business Jin. All I have to do is apologize to her the right way and she'll be on good terms with me again." I said.
I have it all planned out.
Jin: The right way? What's that supposed to mean?
"I'll explain later. See ya"
I walked out and saw Sebastian pull up. I took a deep breath. Well, here goes nothing.

lexi Marie’s pov

Tiffany: Girl you look sexy~
Erin: Your legs tho
Blair: Are you going to grind up on him like that? Ohh girl, you'll have him wrapped around your finger.
No way. Although, I'll have to talk to him privately about this. For sure this isn't free, knowing him he probably said yes because he wanted to get paid extra. He's not going this to be nice.
Sam: You okay?
"Hm? Oh, yeah I'm just...nervous I guess" I said.
Tiffany: She's falling in love ladies.
Blair: Nonsense. She said it herself 'all I need is money' who needs love when you have it all right Lex?
"Yeah. Right, who needs love." I said.
I'm not even sure if those words are even accurate anymore.
Sungmin: Let's get going ladies. Sebastian is back, Suga has arrived.
I felt my heart beginning to beat faster. What's up with this feeling?
Suga walked inside.
Layla: Girl, he is fine.
Sam: He's super cute.
Blair: now he is. Before he was...ew.
Tiffany: He didn't look that bad, the only thing that's different is his hair color and hair cut. Nothing big.
Erin: His wardrobe too.
Suga smiled. "Hey ladies." He walked up to me. "Hey baby"
I forced a smile on and hugged him. "Hey babe"
Emma: You know I've never seen the two of you kiss before.
My eyes widened. She didn't just say that...
Erin: Oh yeah huh.
Sam: Boy you better kiss her when you greet her.
Suga chuckled and looked at me.
"Let's get going, before it gets later." I changed the subject.
Sungmin: She's right. Let's get going. Sebastian, will you take us to where the jet is?
Sebastian nodded. "Of course sir. Right this way"
We walked out and He opened the limo door for us. We got inside. Suga held my hand. He was more dedicated to this whole pretend thing than I was, but yet again he's getting paid of course he's gonna do his best to put on a show.
He whispered in my ear. "I need to talk to you....alone"
Blair: Hey hey, no secrets. Share with us.
"It's couple stuff. See, Suga wants to go to the beach....alone" I put my hand on his thigh. "I can't share much more than that.." I rubbed his leg.
I felt him freeze. If he can tease then so can I.
Erin: Woah. Wait until we get there, don't start doing inappropriate gestures. Poor Suga might get excited.
Sungmin: That's not a bad thing. I mean getting excited and having to wait just makes it better.
Blair: Men.
I removed my hand from his thigh.
"We have our own room? On a jet? This is crazy." Suga said as he looked around.
"It's an 11 hour flight, I'm not gonna be sitting the whole time. Besides we have things to talk about...come here." I sat on the bed.
He began to blush.
"Haha. I'm serious. There has to be something you want right?" I winked.
"Not you." He looked at me.
I rolled my eyes. "I wasn't saying that I'd give into you, idiot. As if I'd want to, sleeping with the likes of you has to be a complete fail. It would seriously ruin my image."
"More than it already is?" He raised his eyebrow.
Ohh I hate his smart mouth!
"Whatever. Hurry up and tell me what we're going to do about this." I said.
"Pay me. Duh." He said.
"What? No no no. You agreed to come along. I told you that outside of school, I don't know you. Understood? You were the one who made it perfectly here that you didn't wanna see me outside of school so what're you doing here? I didn't even want to come then Sungmin called you and you said yes. Couldn't you lie and say we had plans for the weekend?"
"But I'm doing you a favor. They'll think we're really official. Sungmin is technically still good friends with your ex right? So if he sees us together and happy, he'll tell him and be convinced that it's real." He said.
"You think I'm stupid don't you? I know you planned this just to get extra money. Not that I care because money isn't an issue for me but still. That's kind of taking advantage of me." I took a deep breath. "How much?"
"4,000?" He asked.
"I'm deducting money from you, so 2,000. Take it or leave it."
"But why? I haven't done an-"
"Oh you haven't?" I scoffed. "Look we had a deal, this is outside the deal, at this point I could care less if they find out it's fake. I'm getting tired of you, especially because you ruined my first day at that place!"
He looked at me wide eyed. "Did it really upset you that much?"
"It doesn't matter if it did, will you take it or leave it? Besides I'm not staying the entire time. After dinner I'm coming back home, they wanted to drink and party afterward but I'm not doing that. You can if you please but I'll be leaving."
"Leaving? But we're going to be in Italy. Why not stay?"
"I've been to Italy plenty of times. I know it like the back of my hand, I honestly just don't wanna be here..."
He sat next to me. "Is it because I'm here?"
"No. This life gets boring sometimes, I'm stuck up and all but it's only because I'm afraid..."
"Afraid? You? About what?" He asked.
Why am I sharing this with him?
"Nothing. I'm tired. I'm going to take a nap okay? Join the others if you want, they're probably watching a movie or chillin by the bar talking" I got up and took my sweater off then lay on the bed facing the wall.
I could feel his eyes on me but I refuse to share my inner thoughts and my true feelings with him. It's better this way.
Blair: I'm coming in~
I quickly sat up and grabbed Suga.
"H-Hey! What're you...?!"
I leaned back and put my forehead against his. I looked into his eyes.
Blair: Ah! Omg. You guys should really lock the door like...woah. Okay I'm just gonna leave now.
She walked back out without another word. Suga was looking at my lips. My heart began to race.
"Get off me!" I pushed him.
"Ugh. You started it! Dumb girl..."
"I'm not dumb! It's what couples do, moron!"
He covered my mouth.
"Will you be quiet?! What're they gonna think, we were just...well doing things and now arguing? Freakin keep your voice down! Geez!" He whispered.
"I'm not gonna let go of your mouth until you shut up!" He looked at me.
"Ow!" He pulled his hand away. "What the hell was that for?!"
"Don't cover my mouth with your filthy hands!" I said.
Tiffany: Guys is everything....
Suga grabbed my face and pressed his lips against mine.
Tiffany: Oh! S-Sorry! I didn't mean to...ahem. I'll just get going. Have fun.
The door closed again.
He pulled away from me and looked at me.
I didn't even know what to say...that really I felt butterflies in my stomach and my heart was beating quickly. It was so sudden and spontaneous. I looked at him.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" He asked and smirked. "Ah~ I see what's going on here. You're falling for me aren't you? You liked that I kissed you. You were probably planning this whole thing weren't you? How'd it feel? My lips against yours? Hmm?"
I felt my face getting red. "Ah?! No way!"
He covered my mouth. "Will you keep it down?!"
"Mmph! Mm!"
"Keke. I know you play like you don't like me. Just admit it. You're crazy about me." He teased.
I smacked his hand off my mouth. "Ya! Stop talking nonsense. I'd rather burn in hell than fall in love with a stupid idiot conceited jerk like you!" I whispered angrily.
"You're stupid! I don't need to take this from you! I'm the one getting paid here anyway! You need me. Not the other way around sweetheart! So you'd better start treating me nicely or I'll quit! Got it?"
I scoffed. "Is that some kind of threat peasant? I don't need you. You're lucky I even picked you! I've got the money and the power to make your life hell. So I suggest you watch your tone with me. Got it?"
I got up off of the bed and walked out to join the others. I wasn't tired anymore. I need a drink.
Blair: Done already?
Tiffany: You guys sure know.
Erin: Happy happy happy haha.
Sam: You guys are really cute together.
Sungmin: Where's he at? You didn't knock him out did you? Haha.
I laughed light heartedly.
Layla: You know, it's romantic. What you and Suga have?
"What? How?" I asked.
Layla: Well, you're from two different worlds. You've got it all, you could buy a city if you wanted too. He, on the other hand he's...well you know. He's doesn't have anything, just you.
Actually, I think it's the other way around....
As planned we arrived around dinner hours. Suga was the most astonished and admired every single second. It was weird. How can someone get excited over something like this? It's just Italy. I come here all the time, most of the towns people know who I am. They know my friends and family too. Guess poor people don't get out much. He looked around but every time he noticed me looking at his strange reactions he'd play it cool again like he didn't care about being here. Although it's obvious he does. Maybe I should take him sight seeing before dinner?
He looked at me. "What?"
"You wanna go sight seeing? There's lots to see here." I said.
"Really? I mean...ahem. Yeah sure whatever." He looked out the window.
I smiled and shook my head. Boys.
"Si Señorita bella?"
"Vi preghiamo di prendere a Genova"
"Sì, quel che ti pare." He smiled and continued driving.
"You speak Italian?" Suga asked.
"Certo che lo so." I smiled.
"Of course I do. I speak 7 languages. Italian being one of them. I've been around the world, moving place to place isn't easy you know. You have to learn the language and adapt to the customs." I said.
"I see. So what other languages do you speak?" He asked.
"Well I speak French, English, Korean, Italian, German, Chinese and Spanish." I said.
"That's cool. But you missed one, you speak 8"
"8? No, I'm pretty sure I speak 7."
"No you don't. You speak 8." He said.
"8? Well, what's the 8th one?" I asked.
I don't recall speaking 8. I recounted again. Hmm, no I'm pretty sure I speak 7.
"Stupid. You speak stupid so that counts as 8" he smiled.
"Oh hahaha! Oh my you're so funny. Ha ha ha. Ho Ho Ho. Hee Hee Hee...Ahhh no." I looked at him. "You're not funny. If anything I learned to speak stupid for your sake. Swing as all you do and say is stupid." I looked out the window.
"Ci sono dei buoni posti a Genova per mangiare?"
"Ah si. Le Cantine Squarciafico"
"Perfetto. Vi preghiamo di prendere lì." I said.
He nodded then looked at Suga.
"Chi è questo giovane con voi? Non sembra di alta classe come te." He said.
"Ah." I looked at Suga and smiled. "Lui è il mio ragazzo."
"Davvero?" He asked.
I nodded. "Sì, davvero."
Suga looked at me. "What're you guys talking about?"
Giovani: You are boyfriend?
Suga's eyes widened. "Uhh..."
Giovani: You like Ms. Marie
"Ahem. Umm...." He looked at me. "Si?"
I giggled.
Giovani: Ah si! She is beautiful si? Molto bella! Mwah!
"Giovani, you're so sweet." I smiled.
Giovani: Your name?
"Suga" he said.
Giovani: zucchero?
I laughed. "No No Giovani. Suga. With an A not sugar."
Giovani: Ah si si. Scusi.
We talked until we arrived to the restaurant.
Suga stretched. "Finally. My legs felt kinda cramped in there. Where are we anyway?"
"At a restaurant of course. Aren't you hungry?" I asked.
"I have no idea what kind of food they have here. What if I don't like it?" He asked.
"You will trust me. Come on" I held his hand and we walked inside.


This place is nice. I've never been to fancy place like this, especially in another country. Wow, Marie sure is lucky. Having all these cool experiences, although, she doesn't care much. She says she comes here all the time. No wonder. A spoiled girl like her can do whatever she wants. Her parents don't even care, that's the awesome part. No one tells her when to leave or come back home, she's free to do as she pleases. I admired the art and the different textures and colors of the place. The waiter came to greet us and handed us the menu.
I looked at the menu.
O.o what the hell...I can't even read this shit!
"Buonasera. Il mio nome è Esteban e io sarò il vostro server." The Waiter said.
Does any one here speak my language? Like damn.
"Esteban! Long time no see" Marie smiled.
Esteban: Marie. Is that really you? Wow. You look amazing. I see you grew your hair out. Looks good on you. Still as beautiful as ever.
She got up from her seat and hugged him. They kept chatting.
I noticed that Marie was acting different. Is she...flirting? He is too. What the hell?!
"Ahem!" I cleared my throat rather loudly.
"Oh, Esteban. This is Suga"
"Her boyfriend." I established.
"Boyfriend?" He looked at Marie. "Quel ragazzo?"
They kept talking in Italian. Man, this is all confusing. They were going back and forth, Marie looks like she's getting mad. Esteban kept talking and then laughed. Marie slapped him then grabbed me.
"Let's go. Come on."
"But....I'm hungry." I said.
Truth be told, I'm starving.
"We'll eat somewhere else. Hurry up."
Giovani was outside waiting.
"Andiamo" she said.
He opened the door and we got inside.
"Giovani, Prendere ci altrove a mangiare. Non mi piace il servizio qui." She said.
"Yes ma'am. Was it Esteban?"
She sighed and stayed quiet.
"Marie, is everything okay?" I asked.
"I'm fine..."
No she's not. She's clearly pissed off but I'll ask later when she's calm.
I rolled the window down and looked. This place is incredible, it's so beautiful. The city itself is gorgeous. I took a couple of pictures. I'll probably never come back to this place again, might as well take as many pictures as I can. Make memories.
Hmm? I looked at Marie.
"I didn't mean to ruin dinner. But Giovani knows all the good places so I promise we'll eat good." She said.
She's apologizing? What?
"You sick?"
She looked at me. "What?"
"Are you feeling okay? Because I could've sworn the words 'I'm sorry' came out of your mouth."
She began to smile. "Shut up and keep taking pictures."
I like her smile. It's nice, I don't really see her smile. She's always faking it but right seems sincere. Like she means it.
"What're you staring at? You falling for me?" She giggled.
She's being real right now. This isn't acting anymore....
"Hello? Earth to Suga? I know I'm beautiful but damn. Staring problem. Haha"
"What? No, you know what I was lookin at?" I asked.
"My pretty face?"
"No that big zit on your forehead." I laughed.
"I do not have a zit!" She took a mirror out.
"If you're so sure why are you checking? Huh?"
"Shut up." She closed her mirror and put it back in her purse.
It feels good to win.
Giovani: We're here.
Finally! Food!!!!!
She ordered a little bit of everything. This all just looks like pasta. Pasta, breads and pizza? This is what Italy eats all day, everyday? I could get used to this but no kimchi? No Korean food at all?! Nah, I think I'll just enjoy this here and then go back to eating my food. Oouuhh if the guys were here they'd be completely in love.
"Aren't you going to eat?" Marie asked.
"Yeah, I just don't know what to eat first" I said as I looked at the food.
"The Fettuccine Alfredo is good. The sauce is nice and creamy" she said.
"Mm, what about this? What's this?" I asked.
"Penne alla vodka. The sauce has a shot of vodka in it." She explained. "It's pretty good."
"And this?" I asked.
"Just eat it. You won't know what anything tastes like unless you try it silly. Here."
She's feeding me? I looked at her.
"Fine. I'll eat it." She shrugged.
"No. I'll try it." I opened my mouth.
She smiled and fed me.
She's different. Not her usual self. Is it because I kissed her? Could it be that maybe she really does like me?
"Well? Does it taste good?"
Oh right. There's food in my mouth. I chewed and savored. I nodded. This stuff isn't bad at all. We ate everything. Guess we were both equally hungry.
"Qualsiasi dessert per stasera?" The waitress said with a smile.
Marie thought about it for a second then she replied. "Tiramisu, per favore"
I like how her voice sounds when she speaks this language. It's kind My eyes widened. What am I saying?! No! She's not sexy and her voice isn't sexy! She doesn't have a nice smile or any of that! No! Keep your head in the game Suga!
"Uhh Suga? You okay?" She asked.
"Huh? Oh yeah. I'm fine. Heh."
She nodded. "Kay."
The waitress came back with this weird looking pastry. It catches my attention but I'm not sure about how it tastes. It's a pretty big piece though. Marie grabbed a spoon. When she took that first bite she looked like she was in sheer heaven, almost looked like her taste buds had an orgasm or something. I simply stared at her.
"What's the matter? Don't you want some? It's super good. Like you don't even know, you will fall in love with tiramisu" she said as she took another piece off.
"What is it though?" I asked kinda poking at it with my spoon.
"Tiramisu is basically a coffee-flavoured Italian dessert. Made of ladyfingers dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of egg yolks, egg whites, sugar and mascarpone cheese, flavoured with cocoa....ugh it's the best. Suga I kid you will LOVE it."
She talks about it like it's the most amazing thing ever. Makes it sound kinda scary.
"Ya! Quit eating it all! It's already half way." I hit her spoon with mine.
"Then eat some." She smiled happily.
She has some creme on the side of her mouth. How cute. Just like a little kid.
"Marie you have something...."
She looked at me confused. "Huh?"
I took a napkin and leaned toward her and cleaned the creme off. "There"
She got embarrassed and slightly blushed. "Thanks..."
I finally took a spoonful of this stuff and tried it. Σ(・口・)
"It's good isn't it?" She asked.
(~ ̄▽ ̄)~
T^T)b It's delicious.
"It's alright." I said.
"So where to next?" I asked.
"Well it's still kinda early. We can go sight seeing if you want but Giovani would have to stay somewhere around here. The streets are really narrow." She said.
"You know your way around don't you?" I asked.
"Yeah. Why?" She asked.
"Then we'll walk." I said.
"If I walk I ain't paying you. It's a long walk."
At this point I don't care. "You can discount it then, come on."
"Really? Hehe. Wow. You really wanna see don't you?" She smiled and left the money in the little black pamphlet the waitress had left behind and we were on our way.

lexi Marie’s pov

Man today was tiring. I just wanna go to bed, the breeze from the ocean felt nice though. We were sitting on the sand, just watching the water. The moon was reflecting on the water, it looked really pretty. I've never been anyone's tour guide before. I yawned.
"You tired?" He asked.
"Just a little. I think it's cuz I drank those shots though...they're catching up to me now." I said.
"I told you not to drink. I'm not carrying you, besides I don't even know where we are." He said.
"I only took 4. I'll be okay. I'm still talking aren't I?" I sighed.
"What're you sighing about?" He asked.
"Nothing." I said.


She sighed heavily again and looked at the sky. It kinda looks like she wants to cry. Maybe it's the alcohol. I looked at her.
She looked back at me and I was right. She has tears in her eyes.
"Yeah?" I asked.
"If...if I wasn't paying you, would you hang out with me?" She asked.
My eyes widened. "What?"
"You know. Despite the fact you give me hell and annoy me, you're the only sincere person aside from Tiffany in my life." She went on. "What if I had a crush on you? Would you like me back?"
"What? What're you talking about? You're tipsy. Quit talking nonsense" I said.
"It's okay. I know I'm a bitch. A spoiled unbarring conceited brat. I've been called every word in the book and know, if I hadn't broken up with him...he would've dumped me. The only reason he was even with me is because of my looks not to mention his family is passing through a tough time, he needs money and he saw me as his meal ticket, funny isn't it? A poor person wants what we have and a rich person wants what a poor person has...I envy you."
"Envy me? But why? You have it all." I said.
"No Suga. See, money doesn't buy you happiness or love. It can't buy affection and people who care about you. You have your parents and friends. You have happiness and love. Clara likes you so whenever we're done with all this you can..." She hiccuped. "You can date her. I mean, I don't like her but hey if you do then go for's okay. Honest."
"You're being ridiculous." I said.
"You know when I said I was afraid?"
"Yeah. What of it?" He asked.
"The reason I'm so mean and cruel to people is because I'm afraid of being hurt. So before anyone can hurt me, I hurt them. You may see this strong and stuck up girl but when I look in the mirror I see a scared, helpless, miserable and lonely girl...Sometimes I wonder if people would even miss me if I was gone. I don't have anyone, my parents are always gone, my friends are fake. Tiffany is the only one who's stuck by me even though at times she's an air head...I want to know what if feels like to be apart of a family. To spend time together, you know the last time I spent time with my dad alone for 3 days was when I was 7. I met Dylan in middle school and I thought maybe...just maybe I'd be happy with him. You know what they say though, behind closed doors it's a different"
She said as she looked at the water.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Dylan was controlling and I couldn't take it anymore. Then I found out about his family crisis and I realized I was being played too. Although he claims to have really loved me, I don't think I ever truly loved him. To be honest, I don't even love myself so how could I love another human being."
"Well...What about your parents?"
"They're always gone. Well, my parents are divorced. My mom has a new boy toy so she doesn't care about me at the moment. Only when she's heart broken or single she calls me or picks me up. My dad isn't really the type to show affection and my step mom, well she's my steal mom. What do you expect?" She said and sighed. "I never thought I'd be talking about this...especially to you."
She's opening up to me. But why? I mean, I don't mind it but...I can't help but feel sorry for her. She has everything but yet nothing. She feels alone and uncared for, unloved.
"Hmm?" She looked at me.
I wiped her eyes. Despite the fact that I didn't like her, I can't stand to see a girl cry.
"Listen to me, you're..."
I sighed. I can't believe I'm comforting the very person I despise.
"Look, stop feeling sorry about your situation. Keep your head up and stand proud, you're Lexi Marie Tipton aren't you? A proud and...and uhh..."
Damn, I cost think of anything to say.
She began to laugh. "Suga, don't..." She shook her head and smiled. "Don't feel sorry for me okay? You don't have to comfort me. I don't pay you to do that, I just needed to vent. I couldn't stand it anymore, but if you want me to pay you for listening...then, I can do that."
Her smile faded and she looked at the night sky.
"No, it's okay. After all, listening is part of being a good boyfriend right?" I smiled.
She looked at me.
"Unless you want me to be the type of guy who-"
She kissed me. My eyes widened. Why would she do that?! But...why can't I pull away from her...I feel strange. Almost like...I'm enjoying this.
"Thank you" she looked into my eyes as she pulled away.
I stayed quiet. I'm still a bit in shock that she just did that. I'm pretty speechless.
"I'm probably not going to remember any of this but Suga, you're a good guy. No matter how much I say I don't need you and that you're an stupid peasant. The truth is, you saved me."
Saved you? From what? This girl is out of her mind.
She burped. "Oh, excuse me. Keke"
"Seems like the princess doesn't always have perfect manners huh?" I chuckled.
She giggled. "That one just slipped okay? It won't happen again."
She yawned.
"Should I call Giovani?" I asked.
"No, let's stay here. We won't get in trouble, I promise." She leaned against me and closed her eyes.
"Yeah?" I looked at her.
"Esteban is a jerk, you know what he said about you?" She sat up again.
Here she goes, chatter mode activated. Although I am a little curious about what they were arguing about and why we had to leave.
"He said you were outta my league and that you weren't good enough for me. He said..." She got close to my face. "He...He said that you were ugly. He insulted you and I wasn't going to let that slide man! Pretend or not, you're...y-y-you're my man and only I can insult you!"
Oh gee that's nice to know.
"S-Suga...are you listening to me? Hmm? Or do I have to SCREAM IT OUT LOUD?!"
"Shhhh!" I covered her mouth and chuckled.
"I heard you okay." I assured and let go of her mouth.
She kissed me again.
"Marie, you're-"
She kept kissing me.
I pulled away and looked at her.
"You don't like me do you? At all. You just, you just want money." She said.
Why do I feel guilty? She's making me feel bad about this.
She began to laugh. "Aw man. It's okay, I do stupid things when I'm like this. Don't worry. I promise I'll-"
I kissed her slowly.
She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me back. She talks too much, maybe this way she'll be quiet. My fingers were kinda tangled in her hair but she didn't seem to mind. Once we pulled apart, she lay down and rested her head on my lap.
No reaction? At all? Am I a bad kisser? Maybe it's my breath? No way. I brush my teeth after eating.
I looked at her. "What?"
She smiled. Her eyes were closed and it seemed like any moment she'd fall asleep.
"I love you..." She said almost in a whisper.
My eyes widened and my heart throbbed at her words. What?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To Be Continued......

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