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easy and fast! Make sure u prepare and read through the ingredients first before starting :) Step 1: first u have to fry 2 Eggs, scramble it in separate wok. Set aside Step 2: 2 Shallots / Onions 3 cloves of garlic If preferred, some chili Dices and fry in a little oil until fragrant but not burnt Step 3: Add in small pieces bite size chicken / prawn / beef cooked until done, you can add any preferred vegetables, long beans, cabbage etc *Additional (but not necessary) to give some color at this stage: can add some soy sauce or oyster sauce around 1 tbsp ,depends on rice quantity. more rice, more sauce. Step 4: Add 2 bowls of cooked rice (better if rice is in room temperature) Mix it in the wok with the scramble eggs done earlier with the other ingredients DONE
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thanks, can you tell me how to make rice noddles
Awesome recipe! This looks so, so good. I can't wait to make this. Hope it comes out well. :D
my oppa btr enjoy dis malaysian goodies since he is in malaysia now lol it looks really good yummy :) <3
DEar Mayleen, I will upload the pic when i cook the rice noodles next time, will attach the recipe as well :)
this looks good :)