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A few days ago I saw the video that uploaded @ameliasantos10 of BOF with LMH and KHS, and remembered one that uploaded long time, but was eliminated! so try searching again, it's amazing! honestly I never liked the leader lady of BOF! but it is just my opinion! Enjoy the video! for you dear... @adineswartzland, @ismayatirn, @saharjalpari9, @clydekennedy109
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i missed this scene,if i not mistaken this is jan di's valentines gift for jun pyo...and not to forget that the old witch ( mother of jun pyo ) caught them together...
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^^ I want those.. i'll never eat them though haha
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my all time favorite.BOF! i can watch over and over and over again!
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@fitriyanirafan BOF with kim hee Sun...!!
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Didn't expect scene in BOF could work with KHS. It works out beautifully! Thanks for the upload.
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