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Check out the Original Card Made by the lovely @MadAndrea right over here! Seeing How UNIQ is one of my top groups, I wanted to play! ♡♡
Well. The gesture was still Sweet. I can't be mad at him! ♡♡
Awe WenHan it's okay that you can't be a beast like me! ♡♡ You're still precious and I will pet you back to health.
So. . . Maknae. . . we must have a long Discussion about why this has happened. A couple that washes dishes together stays together right??
In which I reply as soon as we leave. There is no shame in my game, Mama Yixuan. You want grand babies? Well then excuse me while I ravage your son later. Thank you for the permission, and your wish is my command.
Listen here Maknae. I already have the category for most mischievous Maknae filled, but yo azz is pushing it. . .
@MadAndrea Right geeze. He needs to reevaluate his life choices cause apparently it isn't working XD Haha XD yeasss. That is all my brain comprehended. XD HAHA no problem Dear!!
Omg! Yibo needs to get his shit together XD and I love how you took the question as a "will you please leave and make those grandchildren immediately?" Love it. thank you for the giggles ^_^