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Check out the Original Card Made by the lovely @MadAndrea right over here! Seeing How UNIQ is one of my top groups, I wanted to play! ♡♡
Well. The gesture was still Sweet. I can't be mad at him! ♡♡
Awe WenHan it's okay that you can't be a beast like me! ♡♡ You're still precious and I will pet you back to health.
So. . . Maknae. . . we must have a long Discussion about why this has happened. A couple that washes dishes together stays together right??
In which I reply as soon as we leave. There is no shame in my game, Mama Yixuan. You want grand babies? Well then excuse me while I ravage your son later. Thank you for the permission, and your wish is my command.
Listen here Maknae. I already have the category for most mischievous Maknae filled, but yo azz is pushing it. . .
Omg! Yibo needs to get his shit together XD and I love how you took the question as a "will you please leave and make those grandchildren immediately?" Love it. thank you for the giggles ^_^
@MadAndrea Right geeze. He needs to reevaluate his life choices cause apparently it isn't working XD Haha XD yeasss. That is all my brain comprehended. XD HAHA no problem Dear!!