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"A Sparkle of Love" I walk backwards away from Suga as if he is a creature from a different planet. My stomach starts to feel sickening and unbearable. "I'll leave", I say softly. "I never let anyone become too close to me", he says suddenly. I stop halfway out the door, "Did something happen?", I ask cautiously. Silence- "I was abused when I was a child and ever since, I've stayed on my own", he replies. Now, I truly want to comfort him.. "Oh, I'll go", I say before waving. Suga watches me as I leave his room; a sad smile forms on his lips. SUGA's POV - I shouldn't have told her my story. "She probably pity's me now". I clean up the underwear from the floor and make my way to the living room. "Watching tv will take my mind off of her". Though, my thoughts are consumed by her face. "I regret ever slapping her hand away". "Open up!", someone shouts outside my door. I put the remote down and quickly walked over to the door. The face of one of my close friends stands only inches from mine, "Why the long face?" "What is it Namjoon?", I ask annoyed by the sudden commotion. He huffs and puffs, "The mint is feeling quite angry today." "I seriously wanted to slam the door square on his face". He manages to barge past me and jumps onto the couch with a wider smile. "Life is good", Namjoon says while laying back with his eyes closed. I tiptoe to the kitchen, and I grab a marker from my secret stash. I can only grin with laughter in my head; Namjoon seems to be sleeping peacefully. I start to draw a smiley face on the tip of his nose, but he begins to talk in his sleep. I freeze, wanting to be invisible, "Please don't wake up." Then, Namjoon slides off the couch slowly, hitting the ground with a thump. He awakens with a start, "What happened?" I secretly giggle, "You fell off the couch", I reply. The smiley face still on the tip of his nose, just hanging out unnoticed. My phone rings, "Hello?" "I'm coming to visit today!", my mom shouts excitedly. I can hear Rap Monster snickering softly. Taella's POV - My heart feels weird as I'm walking away from Suga's house, "Why was I so careless?" Then, I see a car driving up to Suga's house; I try to peek in to see who it is, but the window is pitch black. My thoughts start to take over my head as I'm walking back towards my job, "Thank god, it wasn't that far away". I can hear the crowd of people on the sidewalks while waiting for the signal. "Hey, watch it!", I can hear someone yell from across the street. I glance over to see two men fighting, like physically. "What the heck?" "You're no better than a rat!", one of the guys shouts out. The other throws a punch that knocks the other guy to the ground. It seems that no one is stopping the fight; my instincts kick in. I run back to the other side of the street. I'm sure people are thinking that such a weak girl couldn't break it up. "STOP IT!", I scream loud. They both look over to see who shouted, but they continue to fight. "Now for plan B." I use my strength to push both boys the opposite way onto the ground. "I know that I'm making a scene, but people can't fight like this". I feel someone pull me back by my shoulders, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!", Suga yells. My guilty face appears, "I was trying to stop the fight." He grabs me by the hand and takes me away from the crowd that had formed. We get to place where no one's in sight, "You could've been hurt", Suga says calmly. I let go of his hand, "I'm sorry I troubled you." "I'm glad your okay", he says pulling me into a hug. I can sense the warmth from his body that I never felt before.
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cute !! He is finally getting out of his shell