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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x Yoongi Length: 2260 words Warning: Intimacy, Swearing, Depression Summary: He was my everything, but to him we were nothing. Part: 4/? I ate the rest of the food without complaining. I didn’t want to mention know, so I kept quiet. But that didn’t mean I had forgotten the sensation of him. I didn’t know what to think. As close as I was to the boys, none of them ever went beyond hugging me, even Tae. As he went to put the plate in the sink, I said, “I’m going to text Jin ‘thanks’. That was actually really nice!” He just replied with a curt “Told you.” And grinned. After texting Jin, I thought I would check out my social media. Twitter, Facebook, the works. It was always a bad time-wasting habit, but I wanted to see if the boys had been up to anything.I was always in the loop, but obviously I hadn’t really spoken to anyone except Jungkook since leaving their place. I froze at the pictures that took over my screen. What. The. Fuck. Jungkook must have seen the change in my expression, because he came over and sat sown with me, the sofa shifted under his weight. I just wordlessly handed the phone to him, so he could see for himself. “What the...”, he muttered angrily. The pictures were couple pictures. And not just any couple. All of Krystal’s selfies were with Taehyung. And in all of Suzy’s selfies.... Yoongi. And where were they? Well judging from the background of the photos, they had gone to the amusement park. I just opened and closed my mouth like a goldfish, not knowing what to say. This was becoming a theme- whenever my mood plateaued, I would see something that would bring me crashing back down to reality again. “They actually went. That’s unbelievable”, Jungkook sounded disgusted. He was suddenly dialling on his own phone, and put it on loudspeaker. “Hello?” Taehyung sounded breathless. I put a cushion to my mouth to muffle the sounds of my sobs. That only made Jungkook angrier. “What the hell are you playing at?”, Jungkook growled at the device. “Why are you and Yoongi with those whores after everythi-” “Don’t call Krystal a whore, Jungkook.” Taehyung spoke quietly so she must have been somewhere nearby. He’s standing up for her? “Why the fuck are you four at the amusement park together?” Jungkook acted like Taehyung hadn’t even spoke. “H-how did you know?” He’s avoiding the question. “She’s put up all your god damn selfies up all over the internet”, Jungkook snapped. “Now answer the question.” The cushion was drenched with my never- ending tears. “W-we still wanted to go through with the surprise”, Taehyung mumbled. “So why didn’t you take the boys?” “What the hell is this Jungkook?”, Taehyung suddenly snapped, making Jungkook’s eyes narrow in annoyance. “We’re free to go with whoever the hell we want!” “And why would you want to go with someone who cheated on you?!”, Jungkook shouted. Without thinking, I whispered “Jungkook...” to calm him down. If they weren’t worth my time, then they certainly weren’t worth Jungkook’s energy. There was silence. Then Taehyung spoke. “...Y/n, is that you?” I didn’t speak. “Y/n-ah? Why are you two together?”, he sounded hurt. That made me angry. “Jungkook was here for me when you weren’t”, I sniffed. “Have fun at the park Taehyung”, I added coldly. I motioned to Jungkook to end the call. I couldn’t take this anymore. “Wait, no y/n! It’s not like tha-” But Jungkook had ended the call. I took a deep shaky breath, hugging the cushion, burying my face into it. “Hey”, Jungkook spoke gently, putting an arm around me. He gently took the cushion away from me. “It’s OK y/n. They aren’t worth it.” “No Jungkook. I’m the one who’s not worth it. Yoongi thinks I’m not worth his love. Taehyung thinks I’m not worth his friendship. ‘m the worthless one, not them.” “No. Listen to me y/n. Don’t say that.” He pulled me into a hug, and I took in his comforting scent. I suddenly remembered the moment from earlier, and held him even tighter. I didn’t want him to bail on me too. “Don’t ever say that”, he murmured. My shoulders shook as I silently cried the pain away. I glanced at the clock. Shit, Jungkook and Jimin go to the gym at this time. Jungkook never missed gym. For anything. “Jungkook”, I pulled away to look at him, trying to keep my voice steady. “Jimin’s going to be waiting for you. Go.” He shook his head. “You need someone here, I can’t just leave you.” “Yes you can. I’ll be fine. Please, go.” I didn’t want to be a burden, and I could tell he wanted to go. If he ever missed a week, because of exams or something, he always complained that took his muscles ages to get used to the workout again. He slowly got up. “Call me if you need anything. I’ll check up on you later.” I mustered a smile. “I’ll be fine. There’s really no need.” But he just shook his head. “I’m going to leave my notes here, so I have an incentive to come back”, making me laugh. And with a small salute, he was gone. Time slowed down as I sat there contemplating life. Asking questions I had no answer to. Questions like ‘Why me?’ or ‘Is Yoongi already over me?” Then I mentally slapped myself. Stop it y/n. They’re out there having the time of their lives while you just wallow in self-misery. Pathetic. I still lay there, feeling numb and unable to move. Day slowly turned into night. Why don’t I go out? Let loose? That might make me feel a bit better. I glanced at Jungkook’s notes on the table, the white papers calling out to me in the dark room. I shrugged to myself. He has the spare key if he wants to come back for his stuff. I forced myself up of the sofa and clambered to the bathroom. What I saw in the mirror horrified me. A red blotchy, puffed-up version of me stared back. Hastily, I freshened up, scrubbing the redness away from my face. I put on some neutral make-up so I didn’t scare away randomers on the street. That’s better. Next, I picked a short black dress. The air was humid from all the bad weather, so it was a warm night. Some heels to complete the look. There. Finally, I let my hair fall loose of the messy bun, not bothering to comb the curls out. Done! I looked at myself in the mirror once more. Are you sure you want to do this? I mentally replied, Fuck it, not like anything else can go wrong in your life. I grabbed my phone and keys and put them in my coat pocket. Here goes nothing. The club was near the boys place, so I didn’t have far to walk. When I got there, the place was already heaving. I went straight to the bar. I didn’t come here often, but a guy on my course had a part-time job there, so he knew what I liked. I waved him over, a fake smile plastered on my face. “Wow y/n, you look good”, he smiled. Why the hell does he sound so shocked? “Thanks”, I grinned. “Er can I have the usual please?”, he nodded, and then scanned the crowd to see if I was with anyone. “All alone?” I nodded. “Need some time to myself.” He grinned in response. “So you came to a club?” When I didn’t have a response, he laughed. “OK, enough questions, hit me up!” I downed it in a heartbeat. And another. And another. By the fourth, he was looking at me quizzically. “Y/n...don’t you think you’ve had enough?” I could barely hear him over the music. I pouted. “Maybe”, I giggled. The alcohol was clearly already in my system. “I’m gonna go dance.” I stumbled of the bar stool and made my way through, to get to the dance floor. I started throwing myself around, probably really embarrassingly. Soon after, I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. “Y/n? Where are you? Jungkook says you weren’t answering his calls.” “Joonie!”, I squealed in delight. “I have no idea what you just said”, I laughed. “What is that noise in the background?”, Namjoon hollered. “Music, silly!” “Y/n!! Are you drunk? Your words are slurring.” He sounded angry, but I didn’t care. “What the fuck is going on?” Jimin’s voice piped up. I stumbled around trying to regain my balance. The room was spinning. “Jimin!” I yelled. I must have been on loudspeaker, because I heard several voices at once. “Y/n! Where the fuck are you?” Hoseok shouted. “Huh? I’m at the club! Come dance with me Hobi!” “Shit! She sounds pissed!” That was Jimin again, groaning at whoever the hell was with him. “Oh my god y/n! What were you thinking? Are you by yourself?” That was Jin. “Noooo”, I laughed. “There’s a whole club full of people here Jin! How can I be by myself?” “Y/n-ah!?” Hearing Taehyung’s voice annoyed me. “Stay where you are”, Namjoon ordered. “Me and Jungkook are coming to get you.” “NO!”, I suddenly yelled. “Just leave me alone!” I was just about to hang up, when I caught sight of someone that made me sick to my stomach. Suzy. And sure enough, trailing behind her, Yoongi. He was staring right at me. In fact, he didn’t even notice when Suzy started grinding on another guy. “Nooo”, I groaned into the phone. “What is it? WHAT?”, Jungkook spoke shrilly. “Why the fuck is HE here?”, I moaned. “I don’t want to see him.” “Shit”, I heard Namjoon talking to Jungkook. “She must have seen Yoongi.” “I’m gonna go guys” I announced, “I’m gonna make a friend.” We all knew what THAT meant. “No the fuck you’re not”, was the last thing I heard Jungkook growl before I ended the call. I turned away from Yoongi, to stumble outside. I needed fresh air because I truly felt sick. I heard a distinctive voice call out “Y/n”, but I ignored it. I had almost made it to the door, but he grabbed my arm. “What the fuck are you doing here, all alone?”, Yoongi yelled at me. I pouted at his shouting. “Sorry sir.” “You think this is a fucking joke?! You could get hurt!” I laughed. “Yes it’s a joke”, I pushed him away, and started swaying on my feet. “I’m already hurt, silly! You hurt me! You cheated on me remember?” I laughed again. He narrowed his eyes. “ much did you drink?” Babe? Who the fuck is he calling babe? “Clearly not enough”, I snapped. “How was the amusement park? Or did Suzy just RIDE YOU the whole day?” I snorted at my own joke. “Y/n stop this.” His eyes were pleading but I wasn’t having any of it. “I came here to have a fun night, and you ruined it! You ruin everything”, I pointed my finger accusingly at him. I turned on my heel and began to walk away. Well, stumble away. If I was with him, I’d do something I’d regret. “Hey!”, he ran after me, garbbing me once more. I yelled in frustration. “Shh”, he hissed. I laughed. He thinks someone’s going to think he’s trying to rape me. “Where the hell do you think you’re going?” I tried to push him, but missed and fell forward. “Another club. You spoilt this one.” I pouted again. “I don’t like you.” He bit his lip as if he was going to say something, but stopped himself. I took that as an opportunity to stupidly start running. “Hey! Y/n come back!” He dashed after me. As soon as he grabbed my waist and lifted me up off the ground, a voice made him freeze. “HEY! LEAVE HER ALONE YOU THUG!” Yoongi turned around, still holding me. I stopped flailing. It was the bartender from before. The guy from my course. “Put her down! You’re disgusting, trying to take advantage of her!” I was giggling at him and waving ‘hi’, but Yoongi didn’t let go. “I’m her boyfriend”, he spoke through gritted teeth. I tutted. “Lying is a sin Min Yoongi”, I sang. “Y/n, do you know this asshole?”, the guy asked me. Oh my god, I should know his name? Why can’t I remember his name? “Unfortunately”, I sighed. He relaxed slightly. “OK”, he nodded. He realised that he had completely misjudged the situation. “He gives you any trouble, just yell, and I’ll come back.” I bobbed my head up and down, so he knew I had understood. With that he was gone. Yoongi put me down, whirled me to face him, and slammed me up against the wall. “Ow!”, I shrieked. “Why are you doing this to yourself?” He demanded. “The fuck do you care?” I mumbled. “Just let me go.” I decided I wanted to go home. Yoongi had ruined the mood completely. “I want to see Jungkook”, I suddenly whined. The look on his face made my eyes widen, and I clamped my mouth shut. Shit. “Jungkook?”, he asked dangerously. “And why do you want to see him?” “Because he cares about me.” “I CARE ABOUT YOU GOD DAMN IT!” He yelled. I covered my face in fright. “No!”, I yelled back. I looked up and he had his hand raised, ready to hit me. I braced myself for the impact but a familiar voice stopped us in our tracks. “Yoongi! What the fuck are you doing?!”
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