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Lmao, do you like my otter friend? I LOVE screenshot Saturday! It makes my day. I started writing a quick fanfic version of my results, but it got too long. If you want me to, I can post it later though. Okay, to the results! Original tag by @AimeeH here.
Hongbin! Thanks for picking me up for the party and taking me there!
Ken, you throw the greatest parties! Thanks for the invite! 😊 oh, who is doing the entertainment tonight?
Lmao! Hakyeon lost the bet they made and had to be the entertainment for the night. I just hope he's planning something better than failed animal balloons. Leo is staring at him in disappointment, lol!! Here Leo, you can have my otter friend for now.
Well, since we are here, N asks me to dance! 😆😊 he's such a good dancer! ♥️ I love dancing with him!
Looks like Bean has decided to pick up the mantle that Hakyeon dropped by dancing with me! Lol! Oh, and there goes my baby Hyuk with him, I wonder why?
Oh! He's jealous of Hakyeon dancing with me! Awwww! And he's trying to make me jealous by dancing with my Bean!
He's such a cute Maknae!! ♥️♥️♥️ Hakyeon and I finish dancing and suddenly Hongbin walks over and takes my hand, walking out of the living room where the other guys are hanging out, dancing, etc. Hongbin, what.....?
Wide-eyed I look back at him after he kisses me. I'm about to say something when suddenly someone wraps their arms around me and pulls me away from Hongbin. "I like her too," said...
Hakyeon?!? I am surprised as both he and Bean face off to fight for my affections! Oh no! 😱😨😰
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Oh I love it!! Thank you for playing! Also, I like story time!! I used to do it for the games and I enjoy reading them!! So if you ever want to do a story, please don't hesitate!! I'm starting my mini stories back up next week! Thank you for playing dear!! ♡♡