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OMG GRAY MIGHT START SHOWING FEELS FOR JUVIA!!!! So here how it goes first in this episode they have to defeat Demons from Zeref books but before that they are looking for the Magic Council former member some have died from the Demons in Zeref books....Gray and Juvia are partnered together in a mission to find a former Council but to luck they didn't make it on time and the formal council got killed and they are told to head back by the guild master..for a new plan to be made....along they way Juvia says she doesnt feel right about something like something will happen to them and he's say im right here with you like "Don't worry Im here." Ahhhhhhhh I couldnt Stop fangirling about it...
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how is dis anime i need to start an anime
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it's beautiful! it's one of my favorites. the further into the anime you get, the better it gets. :) you won't be disappointed. it's filled with a wide variety of feels.
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