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Yin's Bucket List Wishes: Swimming with Manta Rays
Photographer Phillip Colla with [oceanlight.com]
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@miranpark88 You want to do this too?! That's awesome. T'would be cool to do it together. (^_^) Hm, it's always a risk when approaching anything in the wild, but I don't believe these will harm you. Manta rays are exceedingly gently and it's the sting rays that can rear up and attack.
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Manta ray !!!!
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my bucket list wish is swiming with the shark :D !! just kidding, for me i would love to swim with the dolphin
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@cheerfulcallie You're going to tell me no, right?! Bahahaha! @mikyung0412 Have you ever done this? @Tapsamai Ah, I could definitely see that. Dolphins are so lovely.
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