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Again thanks so much🙏 for taking your time to read this📚. y'all are amazing people for giving me a chance😄. Heads up sorry 🙇 for any and all grammar errors 📖. Well I'll shut up now😷 and let y'all read. ---------------------------------------------- Quickly you move from Chanyeols' grasp. You cross your arms in front of your chest and move back from them. You felt your face heating up from how embarrass you were. "... What going on?..." You say but it's more of a whisper. "Chen, what's wrong, you are all red. Are you feeling sick?"Suho asked you and put an arm across your shoulders. "Plane rides always make you quizzy but this is the first time they make you crazy." Baekhyun yell at you and threw you a small pillow. "Sit down we are going to get there in like an hour more so sleep some more." You turn around to see that you are really inside an airplane and your stomach turn again. This time you felt your food coming up. "Go to the bathroom if you are feeling that sick," Suho said and reach under his sit for a bag"here take this with some water." He handed you some pills and a bottle water. He smiled and helped you to the bathroom. Once inside he shut the door behind you. You slowly turn around and saw your reflexion on the mirror. Chen looked backed at you with big eyes. "AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" You scream and jump back. He also jumped back then, it finally hit you. That was you, you are Chen. How is that possible you think and why a boy. You get closer to the mirror and touch your cheeks. Wow his I mean my cheeks are so smooth. "Uhhhh, I kind of have to pee now that I'm in the bathroom... Wait" you look down at your lower part of your body. Then you see the toilet next to the sink almost inviting you. I'll just hold it until I can wake up. Because that's the only answer I'm asleep and this is an embarrassing nightmare. If this is a dream what am I doing here I should go see EXO and do all kinds of crazy things before I wake up. So you open the door hard and smile. "Chen are you okay? we heard you scream?" D.O asked you quietly Perfect I always dreamt of seeing D.O's abs. You smiled and reached for his shirt to lift it up. As soon as he saw what you were doing he punched you in your stomach. "Stop playing." He said pissed off now and walked of. That hurt so much, you had never been in a fight much less punched. There was no way this pain was imaginary. So this was not a dream what is going on. Slowly tears came out of your eyes from the pain and confusing. "D.O !!! You really hurt him this time." Suho yelled at D.O " are you okay Chen?" "I'm not Chen," you mumble feeling like crap "please help me my name is Y/N and I'm supposed to be home sleeping." Suho looked at you weird and helped you up. Then sat you on a sit then buckled you in. "Sure, sure anything you say I bet you did take that sleeping pill that I have you did you?" He looked at you sadly "Please listen to me !!!! I'M NOT CHEN!!!!!" You scream and try to get up "Hey! What's going on here?" Yelled a man that was coming from behind a curtain door. "Manager Hyung.." They all said and bowed they head at him respectfully. " we are sorry Chen is just not feeling well." Suho told the man and covered you from his view. The man pushed Suho away and grab your chin hard and moved your head hard. "What's wrong now?" He keep moving your head hard "the baby needs some medicine? Well suck it up you punk and be quite your making a fool out of your self." He yelled so hard and loud some of his saliva landed in your face. You started to tear up but remember all those people that yelled at you in the restaurant. So you did what you always do. You smiled really hard and said "I'm so sorry it won't happen again I promise." "Umm that was easier then usual."the man said and let your face go. " just keep quite okay and don't make me come back here understand?!" They all nodded their heads and sat down. As soon as he left they ran to you and grabbed your in a big group hug. " are you really okay Chen?" Sehun asked softly and rubbed you cheek"manager Hyung was mean again." You looked at the boys for the first time seriously they were scared and sad. You needed to find out what happen to you without getting them involved. So you nodded your head and told them you will just take a nap. Once they left you alone you closed your eyes to think. They first think you needed to do was to find your body and the real Chen. All you needed to do was call your phone but that will have to wait until you landed. So you drifted into sleep waiting for the time to pass. Some one tapped your shoulder to wake you up. "Chen we're here hurry up and get up." It was Suho again and this time he had in his hands some glasses, a face mask and a hat. He gave them to you then put his own on.I guess I should wear this you think. They start to gather they bags and coats and walk out. So you grab you things and followed. As you walked pass a tunnel you started to hear screaming. The screams only got louder and louder until you reached the door to the airport. There were thousand of girls screaming for EXO. Chanyeol grab your hand and pulled you closer to the group and put his self behind you. Thank God the mask was covering your face because you were turning red again. You don't know how but you made it to an awaiting van outside. You sat at the very back and waited to see what will happen. After 10 minutes the van finally made it out of the airport. You smiled you had never felt so relief before. Everyone cheer and started talking all at the same time. Then you feel a vibration in your bag. You look through it and find a phone ringing. Across the screen you see your phone number. Okay thanks again now I'm going to tag some amazing people that asked to be tag✨ if you want to be include just say so and I'll do so👌. @tiffany1922 @rosa420
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wow...that manager i would sue him! porr babies TTㅅTT