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VIXX Party Screenshot Game Results
Thank you to @AimeeH for the tag! :D

Here we go!


We all know Ravi can throw some killer parties, so this one is bound to be a blast! Bring on the tunes!


Yes, just as I hoped! Thank you, Taekwoon~ah! ❤️ We're gonna have a lot of fun!


Looks like it's Hongbin's time to shine! Go, Hongbinie, show us what you got! :D


As expected. xD He makes sure everyone's having a good time. :D


You take me to the party and you dance with me? I must have done something really good to deserve all this fun! 😍 Yay, let's bounce away!


Aw, Hyukie~ah, why are you jealous? Do secretly like your noona? Or are you jealous because I'm dancing with Leo? Do you want your hyung to yourself? x3


What, you like me, Jaehwanie? 😳 Instead of trying to make me jealous, you should just tell me! 😕


.................. I said tell me, not show me! 😳😳😳


Wait, Hongbin, where did you come from all of the sudden? I thought you only like me as a friend! 😳 What's going on, I'm so confused right now! And what about Leo? What about Oookay, looks like I was right when I said Hyuk wants Leo to himself. 🤓

What a party! Full of twists and turns!

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I love it!! that took an unexpected turn!! ♡♡ Thank you for participating!!
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