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Genre: Angst
Members: Namjoon/Rap Monster x Reader(You); Jin x Reader(You); Minor appearances from other members
Part: 1/?
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Inspired by a request from Anonymous that gave me free reign and BTS’ War of Hormone. You wanted a Namjoon or Jin angst and I said, hey, why not both?
Summary: Jin was at a stalemate. Namjoon couldn’t look away from you, and you couldn’t look away from Jin. And honestly, Jin didn’t want you to look away.
You found your eyes lingering longer than they should. Your fingers made excuses just to touch his skin a little longer. That soft smile, the kind that one would think was only reserved for their beloved, was shown to him far too often. His presence brightened your mood without fail. Just thinking of him put you in a good mood.
And the sad thing was, he knew.
He knew that if he stared a little longer than normal that your cheeks would flush and your eyelashes would flutter as you looked away from him in shyness. He knew that your breath would catch when he’d sit beside you, his thigh brushing against yours. His soft fingers, skimming over yours as he handed you something drew a soft intake of breath from you; he knew this as well. And as much as those little gestures made his heart stir…
He also knew it was wrong.
But how could he say anything?
After all, you made his friend so happy.
As much as Jin wanted to speak out about your apparent attraction to him, he could never find his voice. Perhaps, he was looking too much into it? But then again, you never blushed when Hoseok put his hand on your shoulder. Maybe he liked you back? But how would he ever face Namjoon again if he admitted so? A small part of him hoped that Namjoon would become more aware of where his girlfriend’s eyes were looking when he wasn’t paying attention. It would make the temptation to look back less appealing.
However, it didn’t seem like that would happen anytime soon.
Namjoon was too full of you to notice that your fulfillment came from him; and he didn’t even have to do anything. Maybe a part of him was scared of how Namjoon would react. Would he be angry at you? At himself? Or at him? What if Namjoon knew this entire time, but never said anything in hopes of your eyes turning away from Jin for the last time to only look at him. The thought of all the possibilities made Jin’s head swirl.
All he wanted to was be nice.
He knew that Namjoon had some brusque personality traits. He knew that Namjoon was proud to have you as his and wanted everyone to know. The way he’d lightly grope your rear as you passed by was in jest, Namjoon just liked the way you grew flustered and brushed him away. Jin knew that.
It didn’t mean he agreed with him.
Maybe Jin shouldn’t have spoken out that day. If he hadn’t scolded Namjoon and comforted you, perhaps you never would’ve set your eyes on him.
And refused to look away.
And maybe…
Maybe Jin would have more of a reason not to stare just as intently,
“Y/N? You’re not mine, but you’re the best.”

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