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Genre: Angst
Members: Namjoon/Rap Monster x Reader(You); Jin x Reader(You); Minor appearances from other members
Part: 2/3
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Inspired by a request from Anonymous that gave me free reign and BTS’ War of Hormone. You wanted a Namjoon or Jin angst and I said, hey, why not both?
Summary: Jin was at a stalemate. Namjoon couldn’t look away from you, and you couldn’t look away from Jin. And honestly, Jin didn’t want you to look away.
As most things in life, it started out innocent.
Jin simply enjoyed your company. You were refreshing, and more importantly you brought a lighter side to Namjoon. He thought how Namjoon would quickly pull you into his side was cute. And the way, you look up to him to whisper something into his ear and so shyly kiss his cheek was endearing.
He couldn’t recall the exact moment, but at some point, watching Namjoon’s arm wrap around your waist had instantly annoyed him. Initially, Jin had surprised himself and had to take a step away from what he was doing to reevaluate himself. You were Namjoon’s girlfriend, he had every right to touch you. What was Jin getting upset for? After awhile, the jealously blended into his personality and the only evidence of it rearing its head was a vague roll of the eyes whenever Namjoon got too close to you for Jin’s comfort.
It took all he had to refrain from sighing, ‘What are you even doing?’ Did Namjoon even pay attention to your body language? How could he not see that groping your thighs in public made you uncomfortable? Or how you didn’t like him revealing your intimate details with the other members and even putting them in song lyrics. It seemed like Namjoon didn’t understand you.
At least, not like Jin did.
Jin’s eyes settled immediately on you; like they always did now-a-days. At first, his only intention was to see if you were watching him. Your little crush on him had him suddenly anxious. He did a lot of ‘odd’ things when he thought no one was watching. Now, however, he would look at you, just for the enjoyment of..
Well, of seeing you.
His most vivid memory of simply watching you be yourself was when he had overheard a conversation you were having over the phone. To this day, he didn’t know who you were talking to, or what they were saying, but he heard you and that was all he needed to get his heart racing.
Currently, You were curled up on the couch, eyes glued to Jungkook and V’s foosball tournament. The two younger members shouted playfully at each other, both turning to you for an official call when they thought the other was cheating. Jin smiled softly, watching you grow flustered as Jungkook insisted that he had not cheated and V just as insistently agreed with your call.
Turning away briefly from the cute encounter, Jin glanced behind himself into the kitchen where Hoseok was washing out a cup he had used. Jhope didn’t even notice Jin, so the older member turned back to where you, Jungkook and V were. His vision was blocked from you by the lean and tall figure of Namjon shuffling into the room. The rapper collapsed onto the couch beside you, unwrapping you from your blanket cocoon to drape it over the both of you. His arm rested across your shoulders, pulling you close. You had started to smile until you noticed Jin staring at you, his brows slightly furrowed.
Jin quietly stepped out of the room, retreating to his own bedroom. He tapped at his temple with his knuckles slightly shaking his head. He shouldn’t be this upset by his friend sitting with his own girlfriend.
But he was.
Seeing Namjoon cuddle up to you made Jin uneasy. He didn’t like seeing Rap Monster’s large hands envelop your own, or his half lidded gaze following you as you crossed the room. He didn’t like how much he detested it. What was wrong with him? You were Namjoon’s girlfriend and Jin had no right be so disdainful of Rap Monster showing you he loved you. Jin shouldn’t even be looking at you in such a manner as he often did.
But every time he looked at you, he was comforted by the fact that you were staring straight back at him, that soft smile playing on your lips. And all he could think of was what you had said to that person over the phone.
“Jin? He’s not mine, but he’s the best.”

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aggghh I want Namjoon to be happy but Jin to be happy too lol Why cant she just have eyes for Namjoon and not be a flirt!