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Genre: Angst
Members: Namjoon/Rap Monster x Reader(You); Jin x Reader(You); Minor appearances from other members
Part: 3/3
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Inspired by a request from Anonymous that gave me free reign and BTS’ War of Hormone. You wanted a Namjoon or Jin angst and I said, hey, why not both?
Summary: Jin was at a stalemate. Namjoon couldn’t look away from you, and you couldn’t look away from Jin. And honestly, Jin didn’t want you to look away.
Namjoon had heard Jin leave the room. Just like he did every time the rapper decided to sit with his own girlfriend. The leader of Bangtan was aware.
Aware of his hyung’s lingering gaze.
Aware of his girlfriend’s shy glances.
Aware of the budding attraction between the two.
But since neither of them had crossed a line yet, Namjoon had no real reason to speak out. He couldn’t exactly call his hyung or girlfriend out for looking at the other for longer than was necessary. He was stuck. All he could do was sit quietly and wait for the day one of them took a step over the line. They weren’t perfect; eventually they were going to slip up.
Now he had tried to catch them crossing the line. He tried often, but either you two were more stealthy than he gave you guys credit for or you both truly weren’t trying to pursue anything.
Which Namjoon highly doubted.
He had seen the way Jin’s eyes followed you and the way you seemed to gravitate towards Jin the moment Namjoon upset you. On many occasions he had caught Jin idly standing by his bedroom door whenever you were over when his room was clear across the dorm.There was no way you two seeked each other out so frequently to just sit together platonically. There was something going on; Namjoon was sure of it.
He just had to improve his timing.
So he had taken cautious measures, after all, he didn’t want his intentions to be too obvious at this point. He needed to see with his own eyes before tearing into you two. In hopes of catching you two in some forbidden contact, he always stepped carefully when entering a room you both were in. Every time, you’d be a safe distance from Jin, but all Namjoon could think was, ‘Next time, I need to be quicker.. I know they’re doing something.’
Jin seemed to be picking up on his friend’s odd behavior as well. He was often times caught off guard when Namjoon would suddenly ask him about you. “Hey, hyung? What did you think about Y/N’s skirt yesterday? Was it a little too tight or..?”
And clever as always Jin would softly reply,”She was wearing a skirt? I hadn’t even noticed.” The older member of Bangtan knew when to keep his mouth shut; he wasn’t trying to fuel Namjoon’s insecurity anymore than he had initially. So Jin stuck to lingering glances and the occasionally brushing of fingers. It was minimal, but it still managed to make him smile. He wasn’t actively trying to get anywhere with you, despite Namjoon believing otherwise. He was content in his place in the background; which was why he was never too hurt when Namjoon would remind him,
“Hyung? I know Y/N’s beautiful, but she’s not yours.”

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omg Namjoon I feel sorry for you.