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I.M BACK with my lovely game. Here ya go the links for the other parts if you didn't play it 》》》》||||γ€Šγ€Šγ€Šγ€Š Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3 SHALL WE? LEEEEEETTTTT GOOOOOOOOOO ENJOOOOYYYYYY ~ ~ β™‘
41. When you get home, you receive a text saying that it's from: (screenshot that Monsta) ~It reads:"Come to the park near school!" You questioned yourself:" Should I go or not? Ugh but I have to study for my exams" You mind says:"Stupid just here and study your future is much important." But your heart says:" YA PARO ARE U GONNA LISTEN TO THAT BIG BALL IN YOUR HEAD!!!!!! JUST GO MAYBE SOMETHING FUN I WAITING FOR YA ;)"~
42. Arriving at the park, you don't see anyone else. Waiting for about an hour, this guy shows up: ~"Sorry to keep you waiting. I had to do something really quick." M/N says as he walks in front of you. "So why'd you call me here if you're the only one here?" You ask. "I wanted to get closer with you! We don't talk a lot, plus you talk to the other guys more than me." "What are we gonna do?" "It's a surprise!" He says excitingly. You two finally arrive at a restaurant that seems expansive "Uh, M/N isn't this place really pricy?" "Yeah, but I have enough money to pay for both of us." You both finally get seated and started to look around. It was very fancy, as if you were in a palace. Not knowing what to order, M/N orders for you. "What'd you order?" You ask while playing with the utensils. "I ordered us steak with some salmon." "isn't that the most expensive thing in the menu?" "Mhm. Don't worry about it! I'm paying, and plus you're my guest. Enjoy it!" He says with a big smile. After eating the food, you two walk around the park. "So....Was this like a friend hang-out thing or friendly fate or basically a DATE?" He asks which catches you off gard. "Well...I don't know maybe a hang-out between friends?" He nods as you both stare at the sky in peace. "It's getting dark, we should head back." You both leave the park and walk to your house. Before you enter your house, he stops you. "Uh, I sorta lost my house keys somewhere you mind If I stay here for the night?" He asked shyly~
43. You were kinda shocked of his question. ~Ahh.....Um can't you stay at one of the members house?" You asked "Um.....Hehe you know it's pretty late now to walk to their place...Um, but if you don't want to it's ok....I..I can find a place to stay in" He said with a sad face. You felt so bad for telling him that "Ok!! But just for today I won't except you tomorrow Ara?" You said as his face lighted up. "Yes Umma" "Yaaa don't call me umma do I look like your Umma?" "Yaa my umma is beautiful and you look beautiful as her!" You blushed at his words. You let him enter your house before showering. You check on him, and see him laying down on the sofa, resting. After you exit the shower and change, you see him standing up with his shirt off. "Oh I'm sorry! I'll just, uh come.back later. You say before entering your room. With both of you being embarrassed, you finally enter the living room, where he's fully dressed. "Hey." He says as if nothing had happened. "Are you going to sleep on the sofa tonight?" You as M/N. "Do you want me to sleep on your bed?" He smirked, which causes you to throw a pillow in his face. "Hey, I'm just kidding!" But you kept hitting him with the pillow, then he grabbed you an layer you on the sofa with him on top of you. "Ya.....GET OFF ME" You shouted so loud that it caused him to whine "Ahhhhh.....YAAA COME HERE AMA GET YOU SO BAD." as you two run around the house and hitting each other with pillows. Both of you were very tired " That was a good game, and guess what....Shout out to the best winner!!!" M/N said as you frowned "Hey! I let you win this time." You said as he laughed "Oh No no you're a girl you'll never win a man like me" " Try me next time. I'll go to sleep now goodnight!!" You said as you walked to your room. Before you were about to sleep, M/N stood up by your door. "Do you need something?" You asked him. "Can you sleep out there with me? I don't like sleeping alone there..." You find it hard to believe but you actually joined him. You lay down on the set mat and cover yourself with your blanket before falling asleep.~ ~When you woke up in the morning, M/N was suuper close to you, like your faces were literally inches apart. And it surprised that Crap out of you "AHHHHH" "AHHHHH WHAT HAPPENED" He screamed. You both started at each other for a second then out of nowhere you started to laugh, but he founded weird "Ya pabo why did you scream and now you're laughing Ah. You scared the heck out of me" "Your face was the best" you kept laughing as he covered you with the blanket and locked you there " YAAAAAA let me out I can breathe" "WILL YOU DO THAT AGAIN?" He shouted "YOUR FACE WAS FUNNY.....SO YEAH I'LL PROBABLY DO IT AGAIN" He gripped the blanket even harder that really made you uncomfortable "YAAA YAAAH OK OK OK I WON'T DO IT LET ME OOUUUUT" You screamed as he let you free. Then suddenly you found him on the group laughing his lungs out "WAAAE?" You screamed. "your hair Omg I CAN'T" as he kept laughing. You frowned and looked at the clock it was 7:00 You gonna be late to school "OMMO WE GONNA BE LATE. LET'S GO" as you both got up you both hit each other's head. You gave each other a KILLER glare and you ran to change.
44. After walking to school with M/N, this guy (except for the guy that slept over) runs up to you two: ~"You walked her to school today?" He asks while you keep walking. "Uh, yeah why?" He replies while giving you a signal to go with it. "Just wondering. Oh where were you yesterday after school M/N" "I was at home playing.....Video games..." You frowned cuz you knew he was lying and you were confused *why isn't he telling the truth* you thought. "Well me and the guys called you bunch of times but you never picked up. What happened?" "Sorry I guess I accidentally put my phone on silent." "Ok I guess..."~
45. After lunch you see these two talking on private ~"I don't wanna do this anymore M/N...I feel guilty..." (One of the two above) says while scratching his head. "Just a little longer M/N. I know that she's a good person but this was part of a bet." He says to M/N "What bet? What's going on? What are you guys hiding from me?" You say interrupting their conversation. "Y/N you heard.....?" "Yes. Not all of it, but enough to figure out what the situation is. So tell me." You say staring at both of them down. "We.....only hang out with you for a bet for...we're-" "So, was it all just a joke? Was I something to play with? A puppet? I can't believe I opened up to you guys. You used me. I thought our friendship was real, but now........this....all of just a sad reality. you know I've been wondering how I made "friends" so quickly. I thought I had the best people that I'll spend my time and be free to tell everything to them, but I think this isn't right. Do you do this to other people? Probably right?" You scoff in disbelief and you feel you eyes tearing as you storm off before they can catch up to you.~ -TO BE CONTINUED-
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