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{NC} Day 15: Make it better, make it brighter!

Going forward I would like to see if anime companies, manga artists, producers, could get in on conversations in our community. It would be a lot of fun to hear from them. We can ask questions and speak as a community to them. It would also be a great opportunity to thank them for all the hard work, for bringing to life such wonder creations, for bringing such great influence and happiness in my life :) it's probably asking much, but if there was a way for them to know that through vingle anime, that would be great like an anime appreciation day card we all sign or something equivalent. :) @InVinsybll
Alright thanks @AnimeLove300
Who's the front middle guy? What anime is he from? The one with white hair
@tylor619cruz I think it's Allen walker from d. Gray man but don't quote me on that :)
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