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Hey there everyone! Wow here we are, 15 days of our little Nakama Campfire! Hours of work, hundreds of cards, and all them sweet Vingle stats later we finally come to a close! This has just been a blast guys, I've implicitly enjoyed creating these and learning so very much about all you awesome folks. It's been a process and I know it wasn't easy for any of us and that time played a bit against us all, and the sheer amount of entries has been tough for me to view and interact with you all personally but I'll try to get into the collection and interact with you all more. So our final Day 15 prompt was asking us to give ideas and things wed like to see more of in the community. I'll tell you guys this place is fantastic, I've learned so much about myself and others, had such an amazing experience growing and expressing things I've never gotten to anywhere else. It's hard to really suggest improvements to an already awesome operation and community. I've got a couple though that I'll go ahead and highlight following:
I'd like to get to know yall better by seeing more of you all personally! In such an open and expressive environment I've noticed that a lot of users choose to remain somewhat anonymous, using avatars and characters as your profiles and not enough people do bios or really express much in those. ^That's me up there, a little selfish I took of myself earlier today just to put up here. I feel safe here guys, and I hope all yall might be able to express yourself and show yourselves a little more. We are nakama huh? Don't be shy or afraid of acceptance, trust me if I've learned anything it's that this place and the people here are so open hearted and kind, you don't have to worry of what anyone will think! We all love each other and anime so much, you'll be accepted like I have I promise!
Keep on with the challenges! The anime community moderators do good to keep us engaged with these, the giveaways are so cool and inspire the effort! Let's keep it up! something I noticed about the KPOP community is they do a lot of personal challenges, so no awards or anything but the people just challenge each other and that seems fun so maybe we here in the anime community could do a bit more , just for funsies to engage one another and give our mods a bit of relief lol. Sorry those images didn't have much about anime challenges but we didn't have a whole lot to choose from the Vingle search I did for challenges. KPOP had em all lol, and some from the music and other communities I'm not really a part of like ours. And don't be afraid to engage!
Keep posting what makes you happy! Images above all pretty girls and boys I like. Ask me for deets! I see so many people posting the things they like and I love it! From ecchi pics, to loli pics, to harem, to neko, to yaoi and yuri, to fan art and everything far and in between and never have I seen anyone shaming anyone. I want that to continue! I might not be into some of them, I might not want to search Vingle for ecchi and stuff but that's not the point! If you love it, it makes you happy, the art stimulates you then share it! THAT is one of my favorite things about this place. Nothing but love nakama and tell us and show us your freak flags! If anybody gets harassed I know there are official channels, let our mods know and I know they'll take care of it real quick, but let me know and I'd do anything I could. Make sure that user gets taken down and that they aren't welcome here. We gotta stick together guys don't let anyone make you feel bad, and if they do I'll tell you exactly why they are wrong!
Alright everyone that wraps up my Nakama Campfire entries! I hope you've all enjoyed and learned stuff liked my words and pictures! I know I have enjoyed all of yours! Thanks for everything Nakama be easy be awesome and I'll see you around the campfire!!
Great card πŸ‘πŸ½, I think there should be a reveal challenge cause I would like to know what the people I've been communicating with look like too
I agree with you two, we need a reveal challenge. Yes I have an avatar but I did post a card with a pic of me in it before.
πŸ˜‚ hey in my defense I use to have a pic of me up but everyone had an avatar pic so I changed mine
says you Mr Tylor behind an avatar lol @tylor619cruz thanks though yeah that'd be actually pretty cool