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Roman mythology borrowed from Greek mythology. Roman mythology names the gods after planets and other things. ex: Greek- Zeus & Roman- Jupiter Greek- Posiden & Roman- Neptune Greek- Aphrodite & Roman- Venus ps. it's funny they added attack on titans' Titans to the mythology titans. lol
The best and most ironic part about this that in greek mythology the titans really did eat each other. Gai and her husband, the grand father of Zeus, was overthrown by their son Cronos. Cronos then had, and ate, all of Zeuss' siblings as soon as they were born until Zuess' mother saved him. Zeus then returned as an adult and overthrew Cronos. Later on zeus was told that if he had a child with a certain beautiful, sexy nymph then his child won overthrow him so he ate her and the child hahahah!!
Is it just me or does he look like the Shinigami from Death Note? :'I Anyone, yeah? K.
Im a Christian and I only believe in ine god but I love learning and studying about other religions gods/goddess
@koifries I thought the EXACT same thing
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