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From AmusingPlanet.com: "American journalist Chris Booth and photographer James Mollison toured the world and took photos of children's' bedrooms and compiled them into a book Where Children Sleep. The differences between the sleeping spaces of children from different regions is striking. "I hope this book will help children think about inequality, within and between societies around the world," says Mollison in his introduction, "and perhaps start to figure out how, in their own lives, they may respond."
@Tapsamai It's absolutely fascinating to see how people on the same planet, can lead such dramatically different lives. I agree with @cheerfulcallie I am so grateful for my life and what I have. I will cherish it.
sadness is what i see but it is reality, the photographs being said depicts the lives of some children sleeping in harsh conditions while others are more fortunate. if possible i wish children shouldnt have to live this way but i guess having a roof over their head's is better then nothing....honestly, looking at these photographs made me appreciate and be thankful for the simple things i have in my life. i can only sympathize but cant fully comprehend b/c ive been blessed not having to experience unpleasant conditions but i can only imagine....
This series of photography is so magnificent ! I still remember where i slept when i was a kid. Just simply on the floor, and a bamboo sheet. That's all.