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my fav beverage and snack, macarons (*_*)
I still don't understand why macarons aren't readily available here. :( I want some.
@oj1992 I saw those macaroons! I can't believe you have a place you can buy those @cheerfulcallie I've only seen pictures. :( I want to eat some. Also, yeah, use those skills to get more tapioca. LOL! @oj1992 Omg, LOLOLOL! It is like scenes straight out of a drama. Please film next time if you happen to see him again. We need to see this craziness.
@YinofYang Come quick and see @cheerfulcallie confession. Now we know why she likes bubble tea !!! Ok, since callie is so kind as to spill the beans, let me also tell you about this encounter I had a few years ago. I love sandwiches made by this outlet so I went there frequently. Then one day I went twice coz I needed to take away some cakes. There is always this guy who served me. When I went back the 2nd time to order, his colleague teased him, probably saying something like I am stalking him or what. So this guy who served me panicked and dropped a piece of chocolate cake. Oh no ! I felt so sorry for the ..... chocolate cake ! Hahaha !!! This sandwich joint always rotate their staff. So another day, I went to another outlet and there he was ! I have never blushed so much in my life ! So now, whenever I go to an outlet, I always check if he is around. See, my life is also like a kdrama script ! Btw flirting calls for skills. So dont be shy about it. I do it all the time. : ))))
Which reminds me, I have more bubble tea pics to upload, (*_*)
Actually, that was my first time at that place, heck yeah, it upset me, got my name wrong, stupid girl!! Lolz... Now the one I frequent, i always flirt with the guy behind the counter and he always gives me extra tapioca...I know, I should be ashamed, desperate act of a bubble tea addict, hahaha!!!
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