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Gajeel is like a big brother to Juvia, so I am glad Juvia's got someone that was close before Fairy Tail. I am sure Gajeel cared for her when they were with Phantom guild. This is exactly how I imagine their texts are like. ⬇
...then Gajeel texts Gray. xD ⬇
Gajeel the Maid of honor at Gruvia's wedding!? lol yes!!
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@LadyL yeah I thing the original poster was showing them in a plutonic fashion not saying they ship the two, that the two are like siblings Gajeel being older brotherly towards Juvia. Super sweet, in a plutonic friendly sense not a romantic sense
I thing the brotp, is supposed to mean brother one true pairing, at least that's the indication I got!
think** twice I just noticed that I said thing both times, ugh
ohh i see... well they look good together either way :3
@SAMURXAI @LadyL Oh yes it basically means best friends forever. 😊