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I know I barely Understand Japanese, but what I've seen watching one of her live performances on YouTube She's so sweet, down to earth, and kind of a goober on stage but what's not to love about her. My Goal right now is to actually meet her and get to know her and try to date her. I know kind of a Far-fetched for an American Idiot lol (Pardon that Green Day pun) Who knows I might just surprise you all! How many would like to see that? @Aimebolanos @InVinsybll @hikaymm @poojas @CreeTheOtaku @NeckoNecko @simplynick @PASCUASIO @LuffyNewman @KarageChan @ShinigamiSan @simplynick
If you make that happen... I may of have to start calling you kami-sama 😨
I know I can do it lol I hope she likes English Teachers lol
Wow, good luck getting a date with her! That's a lofty goal right there! πŸ˜… But hey, if any American Idiot (I loved the pun btw) can do it, it would be you!! πŸ‘
@simplynick lol Zakku-sama would suffice lol