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so youre wondering what this is about huh? well read on and youll see!
Hello there! im sure most of you have heard about what is happening regarding SM and Lay along with the rest of Exo so what Im here to tell you is that we as fans have the power to make and break our idols but we also have the power to help them especially if any of them are being mistreated. I know we all hate seeing our favorite idols suffering or being hurt in any way and have often wished we could do something about it. Well a group of kpoppers and i have decided that enough is enough and that our idols who have worked so hard already to get where they are, are suffering in ways that they shouldn't.
A petition has been started to stop this from continuing and if you would like to sign then here is the link: please help us reach 100 signatures or more to get our voices heard and keep our idols safe credit of above pictures goes to rightful owners
thank you please help us spread the word as much as possible if you can ^•^