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From his site: [http://www.derekheisler.com/] "To say that Derek Heisler is an enigma in the world of professional photography would be an understatement. At 28 years old, and having picked up his first Digital SLR camera a little over six years ago (while finishing his Electronics Engineering Degree in the prairies of Canada), Derek’s list of achievements to date are impressive, to say the least. Having set out simply to create his own stock imagery for his website design side-business, Derek got sucked into the commercial side of photography simply based on the demand created by the quality of his images and his commitment to perfection in everything he does. Since having his first published image in Urban Male Magazine (Canada’s equivalent to Maxim) in 2010, Derek has gone on to have his work published in publications such as Inside Fitness, Sports Illustrated, and American Photo Magazine, to name a few. He even went on to host a very successful photography gala at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival; an undertaking daunting to even the most experienced professional photographer (or even event planner). In 2011, Derek was awarded the “Commercial Image of the Year” award by American Photo Magazine and was invited by The Center for SETI Research to join them at their annual conference and provide photography services. This provided Derek with the opportunity to photograph his first celebrities such as Bill Nye (The Science Guy), Robert Picardo (Star Trek), Jill Tarter (astronomer and inspiration for the movie ‘Contact’), and Frank Drake (American Astronomer and Astrophysicist); all of whom Derek has admired from a very young age. "