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Part 2: _ * _ * _ * Shit... When he said we would meet again, I didn't think it would be the very next day. Just to be more cliche, we had all the same classes. Lovely.... "Look! It's party girl!" was the first thing out of his mouth when I entered the classroom. "Wow! It's douche bag!!" I exclaimed faking a smile as walked towards the seat next to him. "I must say, I'm impressed. You were right." "Always am babe." he smirked sitting down. "Name's not babe unless you want another bottle smashed on your head. But this time you won't walk away without a scratch, I'll make sure of it." I winked with a playful grin as I sat next to him. "I think you like me. Why else would you sit next to me?" "To make your life a living hell. Why else?" A smile still plastered on my face. I could just feel my eyebrow twitching and I could tell he noticed as he busted out laughing, almost falling out of his chair. "Shut it." I grumbled. "Or I'll make you." That shut him up but from the corner of my eye I saw him trying to hold in his laugh. I sighed facing the front as the teacher came in. This is going to be a long year.... _ * _ * _ * Few weeks later: "So... how was your day?" Alex asked, ever so slowly. She could tell I was frustrated. "That... dumbass... from... the... party... yesterday... is... in... every... single... one... of... my... classes. I don't know how I've made it through the past few weeks." I emphasised every single word making sure she understood. "Right. I'm going to go to my house today. I can tell you need some time alone. I surprised you do ally snapped." she started backing away but stopped with a smirk on her face... oh no, not now. "But why don't you have some alone with him." she pointed of few feet ahead of us. There he was staring with that gummy ass smile that looked so good it pissed me off even more. Before I could say anything, she walked away and he walked towards me. Fuck my life. "What do you want." I snapped. He put his hands up defensively, "Calm down, I don't bite..." he hesitated searching my face for who knows what. "Unless you want me to of course. I mean my house isn't far from here, and I'm guessing yours isn't either." _ * _ * _ * How did I end up here....? "You did not!" I exclaimed through breathes. "I'm telling you the truth! I swear!" he was wiping tears from his eyes while clutching his stomach. Here I am at 'Min Yoongi's' house, laughing. It's the first time in a while that I've laughed this much. Don't ask me how it got to this point because not even I know. But no way am I falling for this cliche of 'he opened up my dark heart... blah, blah, blah.' You might be thinking 'that's what they all say', but trust me and watch. "Yah! Y/N!" he called snapping me out of my thoughts. "Ne, Min?" "Call me Yoongi." "Okay, ne, Yoongi?" "I think I like you..." I opened my mouth to respond only to be cut off. "Don't reply yet! I'll prove that this isn't just something I said off the whim. I'll make you love me." I just stared. Waiting... and waiting... Until I finally said, "You don't want do that..." I laughed a little a bitter smile painted on my face. "Trust me. This isn't to be cliche or anything... Plus, I don't like you like that and I never will." I stood up and started walking towards his front door. He was stunned at first for some reason, but the last words I heard before walking out made me freeze outside for a while. "You're a beautiful liar... Y/N, but so am I. I can see right through you. Don't forget that." _ * _ * _ *
Ayo! I'm really excited to start writing the next chapters. So before I do, I might go back and edit different things to make stuff in the future make more sense. Honestly, my mood changes how a chapter is. If I start it happy and something happens while I'm in the middle of writing, the whole time might change as well. But I'm trying to keep it consistent anyways, hence the editing process I'm going to go through. Ugh. I think I'm sick. My throats been sore for 3 days and I've been coughing. I'm going to the doctors tomorrow. Sorry if it takes a while to update the next chapter. Thanks for supporting! I really hope you'll continue! Other fanfics: Fluff: Coffee (Suga), Taehyung, Cuddles (Jimin), Rain (Jungkook) Angst: Dear Hoseok, Punishment, One the Side, Consequences


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