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Ok so I just read a post made by @crazychikka and I was really deeply upset that this is very true. A lot of people only show love to their bias and kinda ignore the fact that other members are there. Some army's make it seem as if only the maknae line is popular and that the hyung line is really underrated. That probably makes them feel unwanted that someone from the maknae line has to be present in their videos to actually be watched and even then to not even be mention in comments for example like on a live V app broadcast. Like the post said I'm not saying that someone shouldn't have a bias it's just that you shouldn't completely ignore the other members. And I think this should apply to all fandom a not just to army's. Whoo sorry for the rant but it just kinda surfaced after reading the post and I had to let it out. Ok I'm done.
LOVE FOR EVERYONE!!💕 ~usagichan20104
I am really happy this is here because I've posted on tumblr time and time again how we don't treat all members equally. It seems to me that people tend to care more about Jungkook, Jimin, and V more than anyone else. For me, I get excited just by seeing that little notification from V App that says BTS. Quite frankly, I don't give a crap who is making the video because I love them all and I'm just happy to know that they're taking the time to be closer to us. And, personally, I'd much rather see Jin eat than anyone because he does it so well. I'd also rather see J-Hope dance because wow how is it possible to be that amazing? However, if it was a video of V eating and Rap Monster dancing I WOULD STILL WATCH IT! Sometimes I don't have time to watch every video they put up because of school or work or just being busy, but I'm not gonna deny ANY member of ANYTHING! BTS is made up of seven members. BTS is Jin, Suga, Jimin, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Jungkook, and V. Not just the ones we stan. My bias is Rap Monster, I don't mind saying that. But guess what? If I only talked about him or supported him, I wouldn't have anything to talk about because he alone does not make up BTS. Please support all seven of them from now on because they ALL work so damn hard.
I watch all the videos. I just am asleep when they post it so I don't get the live interaction but I love all of them equally. They're all BTS. But more than that they're human with feelings too... it's very sad.
It bugs me when that happens. I personally watch them because of who is supposed to be staring. I love the group as a whole even though I do have a bias. I don't comment much on their videos but I might just start doing so to combat this issue.
jhope and suga are my bias so it frustrates me when I go through the bts tags and only see jungkook or jimin. we may have our favorites but we should support all of bts because with out the older members, the Maknae line is nothing
a true bts fan would love all of those wonderful people instead of just that one person on a eat jin or hobi on the street or any individual videos
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