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Ok so I just read a post made by @crazychikka and I was really deeply upset that this is very true. A lot of people only show love to their bias and kinda ignore the fact that other members are there. Some army's make it seem as if only the maknae line is popular and that the hyung line is really underrated. That probably makes them feel unwanted that someone from the maknae line has to be present in their videos to actually be watched and even then to not even be mention in comments for example like on a live V app broadcast. Like the post said I'm not saying that someone shouldn't have a bias it's just that you shouldn't completely ignore the other members. And I think this should apply to all fandom a not just to army's. Whoo sorry for the rant but it just kinda surfaced after reading the post and I had to let it out. Ok I'm done.
LOVE FOR EVERYONE!!馃挄 ~usagichan20104
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@inuyashagal I'm glad you agree and appreciate my post. I too agree with everything you just said
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I also agree with you on this it's so sad, I love Bts so much yes I have my bias but I watch everything they do. I watch all the members 馃挆馃挆馃挆馃挆馃挆
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@anarose they all equally deserve love
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@usagichan20104 yes they do 馃榾
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this pisses me the f*ck off, why? all of them are completely funny, talented, and extremely handsome. all of them are my bias. each of them are extremely special. I do watch all their videos, even if its just one member. all of them amuse me. I feel weird, some how I became mushy.
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