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From the site: "The Cosmic Love photo series by Phillip Schumacher is actually a semi-mystical series of self-portraits, in which the photographer professes his love for all existence. Schumacher’s favorite photographic genre, it seems, is that of surrealism, so it’s no wonder that, for this series, he’s chosen to take his own pictures, with planets, stars and other cosmic bodies edited around him. In his own words, the explanation behind the series is as simple as “I just like the idea of transforming my room into space.” You can also check out the photographer’s Flickr profile, where you will be able to view the images in the series against a black backdrop that further enhances the feeling of boundless space in the pictures. The artist is based in Duisburg, Germany, and he discovered his passion for image-making in 2009. He works with a Canon EOS 550D and an Olympus E-420. “Some of you might call me an editor, but I hope all of you call me a crazy mind. I love to create surreal and magical pictures. But don’t think I am not able to take some good portraits.”