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I'm currently going through a break up so I incorporated the situation ish with this one. This was inspired by the 'bulletproof team!' Warning! This has the mention of cancer. If you're sensitive to the topic, then read with caution! Please let me know how you felt in reading these!!
{{Next it proceeds into a time skip
{{Next photo is a flashback
This is my first time doing this, so how'd I do? Personally I really liked doing these. By the way, I'm sorry for being inactive these past few weeks. Things have been going down and yeah. I'm back though! (I think) Anyways, house of cards will be updated soon! Please look forward to it!
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@twistedPuppy Thank you for your support! @KellyOConnor I'm very sorry for triggering some of those thoughts/ memories...
@MichelleIbarra Any time (^_^) stay strong
@MichelleIbarra Hun you have nothing to be sorry about! I chose to read beyond the warning. I think about her every single day and always will. Anything to do with cancer makes me slightly uncomfortable now so that wasn't the issue really. It was just that I wasn't expecting it to be so close to what I did. But hun you did great on it and I hope you do more of them! ❤😊
WELP THERE GOES MY HEART OH FML *tries to tape it back together *
Other than me crying it was really good.