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Hi everyone! I have a serious matter I must bring to your attention. Some of you might already know about this incident but to those who don't know, I hope you will find this interesting.
Recently, there was a 'fan' who found out Taeyeon of SNSD's personal phone number and kept calling her and harassing her. They would ask her about Krystal (of f(x) and Kai (of EXO) relationship because they are in the same company. Taeyeon even took to Instagram to show her dislike of the people who have been bothering her. She asked them kindly to stop doing this. These sasaengs have went too far and the messages turned malicious.
These people were some of those at fault for this occurrence.
I wonder how people who would do something like this can consider themselves fans of such a great person? What has Taeyeon done to deserve this mistreatment?
How do you feel about this situation? What do you think Taeyeon should do? Do you feel Taeyeon should take legal action?
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this is so fucking wrong. you do not treat an idol this way like honestly no boo no. YOU DON'T DO THIS TO A QUEEN!!! Taeyeon deserves exactly 0% of your retarded ass bullshit so fuck the fuck off you doubled head piece of shit
2 years ago·Reply
Okay, I'm haven't really become a fan of f(x) or Taeyeon because I've never consistently listened to their music, but that's so wrong. I definitely think she should take legal action, she should also change her number. All of these things that these sasaengs are doing is so wrong, they should leave her alone, she deserves her privacy and doesn't deserve to be harassed. She's a person like us and deserves the type of privacy that everybody should get. I can tell that she wants to be left alone about this, and I'm sure you ask can tell this as well, she definitely should have her privacy back. If I could, I would personally go up to these people and take care of the problem myself but I can't because I don't have Kai's ability to teleport (sad attempt at lightening the mood with a joke), I may no be her fan but she doesn't deserve ANY of this. So my answer is yes, she should definitely take legal action against these people.
2 years ago·Reply
i really hope she will take legal action over this! i want people to leave them alone! she has no reason to have to deal with this
2 years ago·Reply
wait a second how THE HELL DOD THAT HOE GET EVERYONE'S NUMBER LIKE WHAT?!?!?!? i swear this botch needs to go shit her ass down somewhere acting like a bitch with no sense that her mom raised her with
2 years ago·Reply
I'm not a big fan of SNSD but I respect all groups and artists. It's one thing if these people had called themselves antis... But how does anyone dare call themself a fan and treat the person they're supporting like that? I'm still personally scarred by that video of those fans chasing Taemin and Jongin that one night. It was like they couldn't get away fast enough. I mean...This is absolutely ridiculous. As if she didn't go through enough when she was or supposedly was with Baekhyun. The child gathered hate for absolutely no plausible reason. Again, I'm not a fan of SNSD but even I think this is incredibly wrong by any standards.
2 years ago·Reply