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Jeffrey Star is not pleased with the kits & by the look of the pictures I can tell why . on top of various cases leaking out info this happens? smh
I'm sorry ailin found this so funny I just had to share it! I know @jordanhamilton posted a card related but judging by this new info what are your thoughts???? @marshalledgar @tessStevens @AlloBaber @hikaymm I personally prefer colourpop, it is similar because of the same manufacturers so I recommend it! -Different wand, cheaper, & confidential !
Well I can't lie, I kind of wanted the matte lipsticks but I found dupes for all the shades on ColourPop for a third of the money. So yeah, I'm not sure what to think but I definitely am not impressed from Jeffrey's photo.
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If Jeffree Star isn't impressed, neither am I!
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I just feel bad for those who waited so long for this product yet turned out to be shitty
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Kylie was all up in snapchat like "Everyone who ordered is getting new wands for free", so that's good right? I'm glad Jeffree put pressure on her. Its good to see artists coming to bat for the consumer.
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@TessStevens that's what it took, her name being out there for her to fix her service.
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