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I'm a Korean fan from Korea obviously.
now 10 things you should know about me
1 I'm Kim Seojin 2 I'm female 3 I love reading 4 I hate when people tell me that I eat dogs 5 I'm short 5'1 6 I got 1 sister 7 I dance a lot 8 I hate a feeling of a bra at home 9 I'm 16 10 I only wear a bra when I'm out
Extra I took English classes in Korea by some teachers that speak better English
also please don't be like "oh do you hate international fans "
Welcome!!!!! Please don't be alarmed by our craziness...just go with the flow XD
aweee welcome! 馃槈馃槣 I hope you enjoy this kpop community and get so post and share with the rest of us 馃槈
Welcome to the Vingle Fam!!! <3
well I would definitely like to get to know you better
@yuusa I see 馃憖
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